Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This is a Problem...

The start to the Phillies 2018 season could be deemed as a success, as the Phillies have a winning record of 14-8 and the pitching has been largely effective. However, dive into the numbers a bit, and a problem is pretty evident...
1. They aren't beating good teams. They've beat up on the Marlins, Reds, Rays, and Pirates, which are all teams that were expected to be poor this year. They've gotten their asses handed to them by the Braves, Mets, and Diamondbacks. The Mets and Dbacks are decent, and the Braves have surprised so far.

2. They can't hit! Their team batting average of .229 ranks 21st in MLB. I understand that hits aren't everything, because walks are nice too, but their OPS of .692 ain't cutting it either with a matching 21st MLB ranking. They have struck out 227 times, which is tied for 4th worst in baseball. They average 10.3 Ks per game. Alfaro has struck out in half of his plate appearances!

3. Their defense is bad. Hoskins is playing out of position, and it's obvious, albeit not his fault. Crawford, who has always been lauded for his defense, seems to have the yips (can't make his throws without skipping it or pulling the 1st baseman off the bag). The catching duo of Knapp & Alfaro have committed 6 errors between them. Santana seems overrated all-around, as I've not seen anything special with the bat nor glove.

Maybe I'm just being a typical Negadelphia (negative Philly sports fan), but I think if those areas of concern aren't fixed soon, then the Phillies record will reflect it come mid-summer. And by "reflect" I mean losing...sorry to burst your bubble.


GM-Carson said...

The struggle is real.

From -
They have struck out 227 times this season, putting them on pace to strike out 1,671 times. They struck out a franchise-record 1,417 times last year.

Kingery is struggling. He struck out four times in four plate appearances. He has two hits in his past 25 at-bats. He has struck out 12 times and walked three times in that span.

GM-Carson said...

Arrieta looks good so far. Nice addition.

Altherr's bat is getting some life to it. I think Santana will be fine too.

The only players I really worry about are Crawford and the catching tandem of Knapp/Alfaro.

GM-Carson said...

Bad series against the DBacks and now struggling against the Braves (yet again!).

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Jerry0101 said...

I agree there is a definite problem. Hitting is one BIG issue. We need someone who can consistently get on base with big hits. I am tired of the team scoring 2 or 3 runs a game and expecting the pitching staff to handle the burden.The last road trip, the Phillies threw away several games that with a few hits and runs, they could have won. In addition, we also need an upgrade to the bench players. Someone with "pop" in his bat. Finally, what is the General Manager doing in regard to pitching. Either get us a solid relief pitcher (instead of Cleveland and Oakland taking the cream off the top while the GM watches) or bring in another good starting pitcher--a lefty would be nice---and move one of the young pitchers to the bullpen. If not expect to see more one or two run losses pile up during the summer.