Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Progress report: The first tenth of the season

We're a tenth of the way into the season Well, .09876 percent of the season is in the books. Anyway, let's take a look at how each player has done so far in 2017.

The standout stars

Victor Arano: This kid just got three outs on three pitches. He's been fantastic. He's perfect through 7.1 frames with nine strikeouts. A
Cesar Hernandez: The kid can play. He's hitting for average, getting on base and even has a couple of long balls to go along with his team-leading four stolen bases. A
Odubel Herrera: Oh, the grumps are worrying about a misplay here and a bad AB there. But on the whole, he's been fantastic. He's hitting .321/.381/.466 and made several spectacular plays in the field. He leads the team in BWAR. A-
Rhys Hoskins: He's looked like Frank Thomas, hitting .327/.485/.592. He's even swiped three bags. His defense has been adequate, too. A
Aaron Nola: The team's ace heading into the season, he's delivering with a 2.22 ERA and a .945 WHIP. His strikeouts have to come up, though and his walks have to go down. They've been uncharacteristically high. A
Nick Pivetta: No one on the roster will have more of an impact than Pivetta this year. If he pitches well, the team can contend. If he has a 5.00 ERA, the team won't contend. Right now, the kid is electric. He's whiffed 21 batters against just two walks and hasn't allowed a home run. A
Edubray Ramos: He's not the biggest name in the pen, but he's getting some of the biggest results. In eight games, he hasn't been scored on. A

Commendable performances

Jake Arrieta: With a late start to the season, it's easy to see he still has a bit of rust. But he's looked solid in his starts. Phillies fans should be excited for what he brings to the team the rest of the year.
Luis Garcia: It's easy to forget the left-hander has been with the team since 2013 and has pitched 200 games for the Phillies. But he has. The 31-year-old has been solid in three of those years and looks to be adding a fourth good year to his resume.
Scott Kingery:
For a rookie the kid is impressive. It's easy to see why the Phillies were quick to give him a guaranteed contract. B
Carlos Santana: How does a guy who is hitting .136/.260/.288 get a commendable grade. Well, if you dig deep into the stats you'll see he's the unluckiest hitter in the big leagues right now. He's making solid contact. He's driving pitchers nuts with long at-bats. He makes stellar plays in the field. The hits will fall. B
Vincent Velasquez: I'm on record as thinking he could be a stud bullpen arm. But he's pitching as well as can be expected right now. He's getting a lot of whiffs (10 per nine) while changing his pitching philosophy. If he can cut down on the number of hard hit batted balls in play, he could really take off. B+
Nick Williams: He's been solid at the plate and in the field and is forcing more playing time for himself. This might be the level of production Phillies fans should expect from Williams. But if he can drive the ball with a bit more regularity. B

Satisfactory performances

JP Crawford: His defense has been solid. He's having good at-bats. He seems to be finding his stroke. Just needs a bit more consistency. B-
Pedro Florimon: For a guy who is there for defensive versatility, he's been solid. Bonus points for pitching in a blowout. B-
Maikel Franco: No one expects him to fulfill the promise he showed as a rookie. However, he seems to be much better than last year. We've seen him go the other way with more regularity. 
Hoby Milner: Milner's 2.25 ERA in four innings pitched is pristine. But he's not missing many bats and he's giving up more walks than he should be comfortable with. Thankfully, the Phillies only need him in a limited role. B-
Yacksel Rios: In a small sample size, he hasn't given up many runs, but he's given up many hits and walks. B-

Needs improvement

Jorge Alfaro: Alfaro made this scintillating play earlier this year, ranging back to the backstop and gunning down a runner at the dish. The problem is that many catcher's could have blocked the ball without it getting to the back stop. He has one extra-base hit this year. D
Aaron Altherr: I considered moving him up because he has a solid walk rate, played good defense and is tied for the team lead in home runs. But that .077 batting average is just brutal. D
Drew Hutchinson: He's the guy who gets thrown to the wolves, so his numbers are never going to be great. But a 1.588 WHIP isn't getting the job done. C
Andrew Knapp: Phillies catchers have combined for 1 extra base hit, seven walks and 28 strikeouts. That's not getting the job done. Knapp has been steadier behind the plate, but he has to start making better contact at the dish. D
Ben Lively: He's looked good at times, but when he looks bad the wheels come off quickly. He's not walking anyone, and he's getting strikeouts. But the ball in play aren't getting caught. It's possible he regresses to the mean and gets fewer strikeouts but also more luck on balls in play. I could see him finishing with an ERA below 4.75 before Jerad Eickhoff returns. C 
Adam Morgan: The kid has looked really good for the most part. But the Phillies are going to rely on him more than they will some other guys in the pen with similar numbers. And he has to cut down on the walks. Seven walks in seven-plus innings is not cutting it at all. C
Hector Neris: No doubt, he'll turn things around. But he's given up too many walks, too. 
Jake Thompson: This is the smallest of sample sizes because he got hurt. But if he makes it back to the roster, he could be an important piece in the bullpen. But he'll also be coming back when two veterans return. He could get lost in the numbers game. D


GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are getting walked a ton. That's really good.

They're also striking out a lot and have one of the lowest batting averages in baseball. That's really bad.

They need to start getting some hits in order to getting those runners know, from all those walks.

Milner is a disappointment in my opinion. He allows FAR TOO MANY base runners. I'm in favor of him being sent down, along with Hutchinson whenever Neshek and Hunter return.

Kapler is settling in, at least in regards to allowing the starting pitcher to actually pitch.

Santana might be "unlucky", but the results have been terrible, especially out of the 2 hole. Bumping Herrera to 2nd and Hoskins to 3rd and dropping Santana to 5th or 6th might help until he starts averaging back to the mean.

Bob D said...

Franco is my wildcard pick for breakout player who may just determine average to good team or a contender. Altherr I am surprised he has been this bad after a good spring. Neshak and Hunter should be back within a week or two meaning 2 underperforming relievers get sent down.