Monday, April 30, 2018

Offensive Struggles

OPS By Position:
Pitcher - .354 (5th)
Catcher - .551 (25th tied)
First Base - .587 (27th)
Second Base - .817 (11th)
Shortstop - .702 (17th)
Third Base - .697 (24th)
Left Field - 1.037 (2nd)
Center Field - .865 (5th)
Right Field - .564 (27th)
Designated Hitter - .516 (23rd, which is last in this case)
Pinch Hitter - .455 (22nd)
Only 3 positions on the diamond are getting above average production, thanks to Rhys Hoskins, Odubel Herrera, and Cesar Hernandez. I'm tired of hearing about how unlucky Carlos Santana has been. Put up or shut up! I'm tired of hearing about Jorge Alfaro and JP Crawford's potential. The offense has been dreadful. They've struck out 275 times in 27 games, which is 2nd worst in all of baseball. I don't want to hear about all the pitches they're seeing. Seeing a bunch of pitches doesn't mean shit unless that also equals scoring runs. Sure, they're taking walks (119, 3rd best in MLB), but walks typically don't score runs unless base hits follow them. Their .232 batting average and .695 OPS are pitiful. They have no power. Hoskins is having an amazing year, but really isn't hitting homers.

I truly don't understand the Santana signing. It pushed Hoskins to left field, where he is clearly deficient defensively. It's not like Santana is some stud either. He routinely puts up good, but not great offensive seasons, and perhaps his age downturn is coming sooner rather than later. Last season he only hit 23 homeruns, and I say "only", because everyone was cranking the longball last year, but he only managed 23 at a power premium position. His 23 homers in 2017 ranked him tied for 21st in MLB for first baseman and his OPS of .818 only ranked 15th, so it's not like the Lord of Walks is fantastic. And don't get me started on his overrated defense. He had one decent season defensively, and that was last year. For his career he owns a -5.2 dWAR. Don't forget the Phillies surrendered a high draft pick to sign him too! I don't hate Santana, but I don't exactly like him either. I just don't understand the point of him on this team.


Joe Peace said...

Great analysis. Also, the pitching staff only has 2 of the 5 starting spots nailed down. We desperately need help in the rotation too, maybe Eichoff will fill one of the holes, but that is to be seen.

GM-Carson said...

And now Arrieta gives up 6 runs in less than 4 innings to the Marlins. Things are unraveling quickly.

ripjgarcia said...

The Santana signing made no sense whatsoever to me at the time and still doesn't. You got a whole bunch of guys playing inconsistent baseball because they aren't consiently playing, with the exception of Odubel. Was it a peace offering to the fans, Santana's signing? Well it certanly is not paying off. Arrietta however will be fine.

GM-Carson said...

I didn’t care for the Hunter signing either, especially at that price. Lots of better relievers with track records were available and signed for about the same or less.

ripjgarcia said...

One bad inning with Hunter.. Neshek signing was proven but where is that.. And it doesn't even matter where these guys are if they aren't in their situations.

GM-Carson said...

Hoskins in a tailspin now. This offense is a problem.

ripjgarcia said...

What the hell did they move Hoskins into the 2 hole for.. his power will come.. See what's gonna happen now is Kapler is gonna get all weird again.. I'd really like to see Nola close this out and get a CG... but apparently not.. Nola is in a groove.. give the man the stat.

ripjgarcia said...

So irritating.. Nola will not blow his arm out.. He's not that kinda pitcher.

Aaron J Warren said...

Nice article.

Hated the Santana signing. HATED. Just, like, why dude? WHY?!? And we have that Hall kid who blew-up Lakewood, was MVP, I think.

Hated the Neshak and Hunter signings too, although, I'm thinking Klentak wants to flip them for prospects at the deadline again? Neshak is way over-rated, chokes every time in any meaningful appearance, and Hunter's OK I geuss, but both moves were .... MEH

Arrieta was kinda bad-ass though. Dude was lights out 2nd half of last year and usually pitches better in 2nd half anyhow so this year's start feels like just straight gravy to me.

Good stuff dude, although, I like that the offense is taking a ton of pitches. Hate the strikeouts but most of those are the ones you mentioned, Alf, Crawford, Kingery but also Altherr who just looked lost and overmatched for a while there.

Oh and we are looking for writers over at the Phorum ( We’re not in the same league as you guys, more whimsical, opinion, type stuff. If anyone is interested, or if you know someone, please send them our way.

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