Sunday, March 04, 2018

Philadelphia Beer and Baseball

Enjoying baseball in Philadelphia is one of the best ways to experience the city with friends. After all, the Phillies are the oldest franchise team in American sports. We're here with a couple of suggestions to elevate your baseball experience with something that pairs perfectly: craft beer. Be sure to consider checking out some of these spots before or after a Phillies game.

Tria Taproom
2005 Walnut Street There are nearly thirty different craft beers on tap at this local hot spot, and their iPad ordering system makes everything that much more efficient. You can read more about the alcohol content and background of each brew as you peruse through the selections. They're also known for their food, some notable choices are their Duck and Burrata flatbread options.

Crime & Punishment Brewing
2711 W Girard Avenue This craft brewery has a playful Russian literature theme. The brewers here pride themselves on brewing classic recipes with state of the art equipment and techniques. Some of the favorite brews here include the Ghost Station made with raspberries, House Arrest, and the Grod Inquisitor. The rustic atmosphere is very charming.

Monk's Cafe
264 S 16th Street The folks at Monk's are beer experts! This spot takes care to ensure their equipment is up to date, clean, and beer stored under optimum conditions. With 25 beers on tap and over 200 bottles available, the only thing difficult about the experience here is choosing a beer. Their Beer Bible will help you find one that fits your specific tastes.

Anybody who has driven to a Phillies game knows that it can be challenging navigating traffic and finding a good parking spot. When you reserve with a Philadelphia Party Bus and Limo service, you'll bypass all of this and the issue of finding a designated driver. It's easy to safely hop from one craft beer destination to the next with professional transportation. The electric energy you feel inside of Citizens Bank Park is sure to carry on into the rest of your evening. The price is similar to that of a ride share when it is split among everybody in the group, too. Everyone can enjoy a convenient night with local sports and beer!

Philly Limo Service
2546 East Indiana Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134
(215) 607-7222


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GM-Carson said...

Tommy Joesph claimed off waivers by the Rangers. Good luck to him. DH'ing is his best path to regular playing time.

Apparently Rupp is being dangled as trade bait. He'd make a good backup catcher on most teams, with the Brewers making the most sense in my opinion.

Pedro Florimon had his contract purchased, and is now of the 40-man roster, thus meaning he's the likely UTL to begin the season.

I'd a bench of Quinn, Knapp, Valentin, and Florimon. Very versatile around the diamond and sides of the plate.

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