Friday, February 02, 2018

Season Recap: Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders was supposed to stabilize the lineup. Instead, he was one of the biggest free agent busts in recent Phillies seasons. And that says something.

In the coming days, we're going to recap every player who spent a part of  2017 with the Philadelphia Phillies. The previous post looked at relief pitcher Andrew Knapp. We even have a landing post with a link to each player's season.

Saunders was coming off of an All Star season and hit .202/.256/.344. Look at those numbers. They are awful.


GM-Carson said...

T. E. R. R. I. B. L. E.

rslitman said...

He also had a bad 2nd half in 2016 for Toronto, so this was just a continuation.

Ghulam muhyudin said...

Verry nice.keep it up.
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