Friday, December 15, 2017

May the Force be with Matt Klentak

It's Star Wars weekend and the Phillies traded Freddy Galvis for a low-minors pitcher. J.P. Crawford is the everyday shortstop, baby.

The rebuild is on the fast track.


That's not all, though.

They also just signed former Cleveland Indians slugger Carlos Santana for $60 million over three years. WHAT?


To play first base. You know who plays first base? Rhys Hoskins. And Santana has never slugged .500 in his career. He's hit 30 homers once. He turns 32 in April.


But he's a switch hitter, a solid defender, walks about 100 times a season and he has seen more pitches than any other batter since 2011.


Now the Phillies could package Cesar Hernandez, a prospect and an outfielder for a starting pitcher.



GM-Carson said...

Cam Perkins seems like a classic Quad-A type. Doubtful he sticks in MLB, but could see time with various teams over the next handful of seasons.

Carson Book said...

Galvis to Padres for decent pitching prospect. Good luck Freddy.

Bob D said...

Wow what a day. Santana will be at 1B with experience in RF, 3B, and of course C. Maybe the emergency catcher?? (Good bye Rupp?) Hoskins in LF - does this mean a trade with Altherr or Williams involved? Starting pitching is likely incoming. Zolecki states he believes that is likely happening and may include Hernandez, a prospect or two, and one outfielder.

Santana does not strike out a lot and walks a lot. Put him in Citizen Bank Park and I think he offense plays a bit better

rslitman said...

The last time the Phillies took a free agent first baseman from Cleveland, it didn't turn out too badly. The Thome signing was one of the first signs that the early 2000s Phillies planned to contend.

GM-Carson said...

The Carlos Santana signing rings very true with the Jim Thome signing. Showing fans and future free agents that they're getting serious.

Erik Fryer, veteran catcher, signed minor league deal with Phils yesterday.

Rob F said...

If Cesar Hernandez is dealt, moving Odubel Herrera back to 2B is a possibility. That was his position before he was in the Phillies organization

GM-Carson said...

Herrera at 2nd doesnt seem plausible. Too far removed.

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