Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How are the Phillies position players doing?

Let's take a look in on the Phillies positional players ranks among their MLB counterparts.

*Minimum plate appearance - 250

Cameron Rupp/Catcher - .730 OPS (17th/26) & 1.2 WAR (17th/26)

Tommy Joseph/First Base - .726 OPS (29th/31) & -0.7 WAR (30th/31)

Cesar Hernandez/Second Base - .792 (12th/34) & 2.5 WAR (7th/34)

Freddy Galvis/Shortstop - .717 OPS (18th/30) & 1.5 WAR (15th/30)

Maikel Franco/Third Base - .668 OPS (28th/29) & -1.0 WAR (29th/29)

Odubel Herrera/Center Field - .799 OPS (12th/35) & 2.6 WAR (7th/35)

Aaron Altherr/Right Field - .894 OPS (5th/31) & 1.7 WAR (15th/31)

First and third base are positions that a team should expect big OPS from, not the piddling numbers the Phillies have received. Franco and Joseph are poor in every facet of the game - defense, offense, and running. However, both are still young and were once highly touted prospects. What to do? I am in favor to moving Freddy Galvis to 3rd base and letting JP Crawford get his feet wet. Maybe Franco losing his starting gig will force him to do something about it. I'm also in favor of trading Joseph this offseaon and giving Rhys Hoskins the first base job. Both Scott Kingery (second base) and Crawford (shortstop) seem ready for promotion. Perhaps Hernandez could handle 3rd next season and Galvis could rotate around the diamond like a supersub. We already know he can handle the infield and the outfield shouldn't be a stretch for him given his athleticism. Just trade Franco for something...relief help?
Imagine this in 2018:
1. Cesar Hernandez/3B
2. Odubel Herrera/CF
3. Aaron Altherr/RF
4. Nick Williams/LF
5. Rhys Hoskins/1B
6. Scott Kingery/2B
7. JP Crawford/SS
8. Rupp/Knapp/Alfaro/C

Then Galvis gets a start a week at 2nd, SS, 3rd, LF, and RF. That's a team with better defense, offense, and speed, not to mention more rested regulars due to Galvis' versatility. Cam Perkins could serve as outfield reserve and Brock Stassi bench bat. Honestly think that could be a team to get excited about.


Robert Dalton said...

I like idea of 3 catchers as Knapp can play first and corner OF if needed. A Rupp trade and signing a catcher with good defense, pitch calling maybe more beneficial to the pitchers.

Carson Book said...

I think they trade Rupp this off-season.someone will want him. He's decent. Might be able to get a MLB reliever for him. Knapp and Alfaro can handle catching duties.

Robert Dalton said...

I actually could see the Phillies shop and trade Rupp, Joseph, Hernandez, and Galvis and in some cases in a package deal with a young pitcher seeking to upgrade the rotation and bullpen.

ripjgarcia said...

Uninspired garbage this past week. Actually saw a quote from MackLostinSpace that the 'weather' may be to blame for the poor West Coast performance.

Carson Book said...

Phillies playing 2 of the worst teams in baseball (Padres and Giants) and making them look good. All around terrible play. It's highly discouraging.

GM-Carson said...

Scott Kingery's season (Double-A & Triple-A): 117 G, 98 R, 26 DBL, 8 TRPL, 26 HR, 63 RBI, 27 SB, .314/.929


Bob D said...

My early offseason prediction:
Galvis, Hernandez, Franco, Joseph, and Rupp will all be shopped and I will expect 2 or 3 to be traded.
Galvis is the most likely to be kept as he can play at any place on the field and still could be shopped midseason next year.
Rupp will likely go but expect another defensive minded catcher to be added as either a 3rd catcher on 25 man roster or one to provide depth at AAA - Logan Moore is a possible option to fill this spot (currently in AAA)
All of the above could be shopped alone or even paired with a pitcher. The team has an abundance of pitchers who are good but on the fringe of the majors. None has really stepped up quite yet to claim a rotation spot but remain in the mix. That includes Eflin, Pivetta, Thompson, and Lively plus those who have bounced between rotation and bullpen Pinto, Leiter, and Morgan. All of them could end up as trade possibilities to help free up spots on a crowded roster.
The object would be to trade players that have value to acquire better starting or relief pitching or both. The Phillies can afford to trade Hernandez, Galvis, Joseph, and Rupp because they have players on roster or minors who can step in and be either just as good or an improvement. They can use this depth to improve elsewhere. I would not be surprised to see 5 or 6 of these guys to be traded.

ripjgarcia said...

Can we trade the entire managerial and coaching staff? might prove helpful.

Bob D said...

Managers have been traded in the past -js

GM-Carson said...

Mackanin & Co. are just bad.

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