Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ain't No Sugarcoating This Turd

The Philadelphia Phillies are terrible. That's fact, not up for debate. The 2017 season was supposed to be one of growth, yet clearly hasn't been the case.
All the ballyhooed pitching prospects have been duds thus far, for the most part.

Jake Thompson...turd.

Nick Pivetta...turd.

Zach Eflin...turd.

Vince Velasquez...turd.

Edubray Ramos...turd.

Ricardo Pinto...turd.

Mark Appel...turd.

Oh, lest not forget Jerad Eickhoff, who has taken a big step backwards. Oh, and Hector Neris' woes late in games. Oh, and the shit-show Joely Rodriguez displayed before his exodus. Jessen Therrien isn't making a good impression either.

Now onto the offense.

Maikel Franco...ginormous turd.

Tommy Joseph...turd.

Cam Perkins and Brock Stassi haven't done anything to help their stock either.

I'm disgusted.


Bob D said...

Too much turd will clog a toilet

GM-Carson said...

Consider this toilet done did clogged.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies need to figure out what to do with 2B/SS/3B next year and add some good pitching.

Try to sign one or more of the following starting pitchers:
Jake Arrieta (multi-year deal)
Alex Cobb (multi-year deal)
Lance Lynn (multi-year deal)
Yu Darvish (multi-year deal)
RA Dickey (offer 1 year deal with option)
John Lackey (offer 1 year deal with option)
Jason Vargas (2 year deal)
Miguel Gonzalez (offer 1 year deal with option)
CC Sabathia (offer 1 year deal with option)

Try to sign one of more of the following relief pitchers:
Tyler Clippard
Steve Cishek
Pat Neshek
Luke Gregorson
Juan Nicasio
Brandon Kintzler
Bryan Shaw
Joe Smith
Seung-hwan Oh
Addison Reed
Anthony Swarzak
Fernando Abad
Tony Wastson

rslitman said...

No wonder BOTH of our toilets broke down on the same day last week! Fortunately, we were able to use them with some opening-the-back trickery, since you can't get a plumber to come the same day. The ubiquitous Horizon came first and couldn't fix either one. A neighborhood one we had used in the past came the next day and got the job done. Now I know what the cause was!

Bob D said...

I doubt there will be any big additions to the OF but the entire IF will likely be shopped this offseason with at least 3 (my prediction) traded - 1B Joseph, 2B Hernandez, SS Galvis, 3B Franco (less likely), C Rupp. With very good prospects stepping up to possibly take over.

Carson Book said...

Hoskins looks great so far. Williams doing well too. Odubel and Altherr are good too. Outfield and 1B look good for next year. Cesar and Freddy are decent. Major weakness is Franco and pitching staff.

ripjgarcia said...

I wanna see how far that Hoskins shot went tonight. That thing was LAUNCHED! He will be a solid producer for years to come. I don't see him going through a Howard downfall. His swing is MUCH better but would like to see him start hitting some balls the opposite way. We don't have much of a major league sample yet and I didn't get a good look at him in the minors, but I'd be interested in seeing his hit charts.

ripjgarcia said...

Exit velocity: 109mph
Distance: 445ft💣
Angle: 28°ðŸš€

not too shabby

GM-Carson said...

Hoskins is a better athlete than Howard ever was. He's not fast, but he's not slow either. He can field first base pretty well and can throw (something Howard could never do!), and he has strikezone control. Throughout his minor league career he's taken walks and kept his strikeouts at a feasible.

GM-Carson said...

Phils just surrendered their 2 inside the park homeroom in essentially 1 week. That's terrible. Altherr and Odubel can't come back soon enough!

Oh, and this pitching staff. Thierren getting torn apart yet again. Thompson with another dud.

I'm very worried about this pitching staff heading into next year. Need to sign some "sure things" for the bullpen at the very least. An additional trustworthy starting pitcher would be nice too.

On a positive note...Rhys Hoskins. Legit, yo!

ripjgarcia said...

Hoskins, Williams, and Altherr are three very bright signs with the bat for the future, and even Alfaro with a small sample size.

Rob F said...

Hoskins is unreal man. It is however a bit concerning to me that he almost always swings and misses when he's not hitting home runs.

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