Monday, June 19, 2017

Who's been the biggest disappointment this year?

Part of the thing that amazes me about how bad this year has been is that so many players, individually, have been awful. If you told me the team was going to finish with 90-plus losses, I'd have been as shocked as if you'd told me it would have won 90-plus games. But with the losses, I'd still expect to see some growth among several players.

Which players have been most disappointing?
Zach Eflin
A big part of the problem for the Phillies is that Eflin will be the first of five expected starters to make this list. He's currently shelved with an arm injury, but he got rocked when he took the hill, posting an ERA above 6.
Jerad Eickhoff
The right-hander has pitched very effectively since arriving in the Cole Hamels trade. This year, however, he's taken a leap backwards. He currently holds a 4.81 ERA, 4.17 FIP and unsightly 1.503 WHIP. He's also only gotten past the sixth inning twice all year.
Maikel Franco
The third baseman was expected to be a cornerstone of the lineup. Instead, he's batting .223/.285/.368. The skills are clearly there, but they don't translate.
Jeremy Hellickson
Helly came into the year having pitched 18 months of strong baseball. There was no real reason to believe he'd have a 4.91 ERA, 5.91 FIP and 1.325 WHIP
Odubel Herrera
No doubt the Phillies' center fielder has been playing well of late. He's got a .333/.351/.587 line in his last 17 games, but a .250/.287/.402 mark overall. Based on his superb track record from 2015-16, he should continue that bounce back.
Hector Neris
Just looking at his numbers, the young fireballer looks like he's having a mediocre season. The problem is the Phillies expected much more out of him. His 1.364 WHIP and 4.05 FIP show he hasn't been as lights out as expected.
Aaron Nola
The right-hander was supposed to be a building block. He's flashed some brilliance, but he's also missed time with an injury and currently has a 4.76 ERA.
Cameron Rupp
The Phillies backstop has looked downright awful at points this season and carries a .203/.292/.358 slash line into tonight's game. His game-calling has given Pete Mackanin and Bob McClure fits.
Michael Saunders
The rental was supposed to solidify the lineup with professional at-bats. Management and fans expected much more than last year's carousel of incompetence. Instead, they got worse production. Saunders has been punchless offensively and been a nonfactor in the field.
Vincent Velasquez
The right-hander with the electric arm has been lit up so far. When he's pitched. Velasquez has made just 10 of his 14 possible starts. In them, he's given up a 5.58 ERA, 5.25 FIP and 1.460 WHIP.

For my money, this is how I'd rank them.

1. Eickhoff. I never expected him to be an ace, but figured he'd be a solid rotation piece moving forward. He needs to have a strong second half if he is going to be a part of the future here.
2. VV. I've never been as high on him as most. The arm is brilliant, but it's better served as a late inning guy.
3. Hellickson. If Hellickson could have gone into July with an ERA in the 2.90-3.60 range and had five or six starts of seven innings or more, the Phillies would have been able to get a nice package for him from a contending team.
4. Aaron Nola. We've seen enough good starts to know he's part of the future if he can stay healthy.
5. Franco. We've reached a point where the Phillies have to wonder if he's worth having around much longer. They could bring up Kingery and Crawford and move Galvis to third and the lineup might be better.
6. Eflin. I'd hoped he'd pitch a lot better. Didn't expect a Cy Young out of him, but a competent back of the rotation piece would be nice.
7. Herrera. No doubt, he's struggled, but I still have plenty of faith in him as a top of the order guy on a contender. Oh, yeah. Mike Schmidt can get bent.
8. Neris. If Neris has pitched better in the first 50 games, this team might actually have one or two more wins. That's not much, but it would be nice.
9. Rupp. I figured he'd be a nice back-up catcher when the team turned it around. Now, I'm not sure he's worth having around after this season. The problem is I don't believe Knapp or Alfaro are the answer either.
10. Saunders. Look, he's been terrible. The Phils should cut him at this point and call up Nick Williams, but We didn't expect him to be a long-term piece anyway.

In the comments below, let us know how you'd rank the disappointing players.


GM-Carson said...

My ranks:
1. Franco - only my opinion, but he seems clueless at the fundamentals of baseball and is too pull happy.
2. Eickhoff - he was my staff ace heading into the season. Perhaps still is considering how shitty the rotation has been.
3. Nola - now that the hype machine has faded it's time to regather some of that magic that made him a "can't miss" prospect.
4. Hellickson - WTF?! Should have traded him for whatever last trade deadline.
5. Neris - with stuff that good, he should be lights out. I have a feeling he might be one of those guys that doesn't have the mental gumption to be closer.
6. Saunders - never wanted him on the team to begin with and he's done zilch to change my mind.
7. Eflin - Phils need him, but he has been terrible in his MLB career thus far.
8. VV - I think it's managements fault for not realizing he's a closer. He's max effort every pitch to succeed as a starting pitcher.
9. Rupp - killing any trade value.
10. Odubel - hey, at least we are entertained by the bats flips.

ripjgarcia said...

You are right about mental issues with Neris but I think it might be related to the fact that Mackanin made his idiotic statement about how Jeanmar deserved to close instead of giving Neris the chance to have that role going into camp. It's demoralizing to know you aren't even considered despite being clearly the better pitcher last year.

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Bob D said...

I have Franco as my most disappointing as I expected much more. He has not produced and he has looked bad at the plate in doing so. Leading the league in losing his helmet on wild swings is just not good.
2. VV
3. Eickhoff I see him as a work horse type
4. Hellickson shame he has diminished his trade value
5. Saunders I didn't have much expectations for him but it has not been good at all and now he is gone
6. Eflin still young and early in career
7. Rupp he hasn't been bad for a catcher other than average has slipped last few weeks
8. Nola looks like he is starting to return to form
9. Neris rough start to year with mix of good and bad appearances needs consistancy
10. Herrera had a (prolonged) slump but otherwise fairly good, no worries. He is someone who has lots of movement in swing and if any timing is off he wont hit well

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