Monday, June 12, 2017

Phillies take Haseley in first round

The Phillies selected Virginia outfielder Adam Haseley in the first round of the draft on Monday. While one could argue pitching should be a priority, the second and third round can give you a lot of rewards there if you're willing to pay the price.

We looked at Haseley as one of the five players we expected to the Phillies to pick. It's a solid selection, but with Pavin Smith off the board just one slot before, I can't help but think the Phillies missed one there.

A good thing about Haseley is that he comes from Virginia, which is becoming a power when it comes to producing Major League players.

The university currently has 10 players in the Big Leagues. Washington Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman leads the way. Sean Doolittle is an All-Star reliever (career 3.07 ERA, 2.50 FIP, .945 WHIP) for Oakland. Mark Reynolds has hit more than 200 home runs in his career.

The Angels picked Matt Thaiss last year and he's already climbing their system. Cleveland selected Mike Papi in the first round in 2014, and was hitting .287/.387/.434 in AA before a promotion to AAA earlier this season.

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rslitman said...

It's too bad Michael Schwimer didn't pan out (injuries, antagonizing the team by tweeting player moves not yet ready to be made public, and most important of all, turning out to be a Quadruple A performer), or there would be another Cavalier (and I don't mean LeBron's team here) on this list.

In 2015, UVA was a dark horse College World Series winner. with some of their players pulled from the ranks of their intramural club team to fill out their roster.