Saturday, June 03, 2017

Phillies are Garbage

The Phillies are garbage. The rebuild is bullshit. Klentak and Co. are morons. Mackanin is a leader of losers. This is the worst they've been in my lifetime, hell, possibly my father's lifetime. I am not a fan of "booing", but dammit they deserve a heaping helping of it. See for yourself, they are literal trash...


Carson Book said...

Good job Lively. Better throw in some Ks next outing.

Neris almost blew it.

Herrera and Franco with 2 hits apiece.

Robert Dalton said...

Changes are coming but unfortunately it looks like it won't be until August before we see some sweeping changes

ripjgarcia said...

exactly what purpose does Joely Rodriguez serve?

sothea hy said...

You are right about mental issues with Neris but I think it might be related to the fact that Mackanin made his idiotic statement about how Jeanmar deserved to close instead of giving Neris the chance to have that role going into camp
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