Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NO! NO! NO! The Phillies should not trade Odubel Herrera

Yes, Odubel Herrera had a listless month of May. He hit .183/.196/.257. Yes, he has stumbled on the bases in frustrating and repeated fashion recently.
But the argument that Herrera isn't a valuable building block moving forward is patently absurd. Anyone who argues the Phillies should trade Herrera is a mouthbreather who couldn't beat a stalk of celery in a game of tic-tac-toe if you spotted that person two X's.
Look, if some team comes calling and offers two top 100 prospects as part of a package, you probably pull the trigger.
But Odubel Herrera will not make more than $12.5 million during his contract with the Phillies. With options, it can run through the 2023 season.
Meanwhile, Herrera enters today's game, despite his worst month in the big leagues, with a .698 OPS, with 5 home runs and 5 stolen bases. He has a .922 OPS this month. It's not hard to imagine Herrera ending the year with a third straight season of an OPS above .760. It's not hard to imagine him having a second straight season with more than 10 homers and 10 stolen bases. He's probably going to eclipse his career high of 30 doubles. He's on track to soar past his career high of 42 extra-base hits in a season.
Trading Herrera at this point, just to trade him, would be a horrifying mistake.


Carson Book said...

Odubel does some boneheaded stuff but he certainly is not the problem. He provides solid defense and typically is a threat at the plate. The problem comes mostly from Franco, but Rupp and Saunders are big issues too (thankfully Saunders has been exiled).

Phils need a legit power bat. Tommy Joseph ain't it.

Bob D said...

Herrera has a ton of doubles because he hits line drives. If you watch his swing he has a big leg kick and a lot of moving parts so if his timing is off just a bit he wont crush it. If his timing is on he will get a lot of line drives. There is no need to trade him. Franco should be kept because there is no prospect coming up ready to step in and he could fix his swing yet and become valuable. Right now in basebal almost every third baseman has good offense.

Carson Book said...

Franco pisses me off

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