Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just how bad is it?

The Philadelphia Phillies are on pace to lose 110 games this season. They're currently sitting on a record of 24-51, worst in baseball. They've been outscored by 102 runs by their opponents. Their offense and pitching are nearly the worst in baseball. They're getting below average production from every position except shortstop and left field (thanks Galvis, Kendrick, and Altherr!). This team is terrible. No hyperbole in that statement.
R - 285 (29th)
AVG - .242 (27th)
OBP - .305 (27th)
SLG - .391 (28th)
OPS - .695 (28th)
DBL - 135 (12th tied)
TRPL - 14 (10th tied)
HR - 73 (29th)
SB - 29 (22nd tied)
BB - 220 (25th)
K - 639 (19th)

ERA - 4.90 (27th)
WHIP - 1.44 (26th)
QS - 29 (25th tied)
K - 552 (26th)
BB - 252 (17 tied)
HR - 107 (24th)
OPS - .802 (28th)
K:BB - 2.19 (23rd)

Offense Positional Ranks:
P - .142/.376 (7th)
C - .215/.667 (23rd)
1B - .241/.734 (25th)
2B - .282/.723 (19th)
SS - .246/.720 (14th)
3B - .216/.619 (29th)
LF - .272/.807 (9th)
CF - .252/.692 (24th)
RF - .236/.698 (27th)
DH - .333/.965 (3rd)
PH - .258/.735 (9th)

Pitching Splits:
SP ERA - 4.97 (27th)
SP WHIP - 1.42 (25th)
RP ERA - 4.81 (25th)
RP WHIP - 1.47 (29th)


rslitman said...

It's amazing that they are not 30th in any of the categories. This makes me wonder who is below them in any category. Their 2B average is not too bad (thanks Cesar Hernandez), but it looks like enough other teams are doing well enough there to drop the Phillies into the bottom half.

Bob D said...

Now thats bad.

JRush said...

1st pick next year!

JRush said...

Trust the process?

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