Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Two-strike home runs are killing the Phillies

The Phillies have given up an absurd amount of home runs. The team has given up 48 home runs in just 30 games. That puts them on a pace for 259, which would break the record 258 allowed by the 2016 Cincinnati Reds.
The scary thing is the number of two-strike home runs the team has allowed. Let's take a look. Here are the pitchers who have been hit by two-strike home runs.

Vincent Velasquez: 4
Jeremy Hellickson: 3
Adam Morgan: 3
Nick Pivetta: 2
Joely Rodriguez: 2
Zach Eflin: 1
Aaron Nola: 1
Hector Neris: 1
Joaquin Benoit: 1
Clay Buchholtz: 1

That's 19 2-strike home runs. To put that in perspective the Kansas City Royals have given up 27 home runs total all season. The Cleveland Indians have given up just 28 home runs in 2017. Let that sink in. The Phillies have given up a two-strike homer in two out of every three games.

That's madness.

What causes it? I'm not sure. Three parties deserve some part of the blame: the pitchers who aren't executing, the catchers who are calling the two-strike pitches, the pitching coach who sets the game plan.

It's still a small sample size, but Velasquez gave up seven two-strike home runs last season (24 starts) and four in six starts this year. Hellickson gave up 10 two-strike home runs in 32 starts in 2016 compared to three in seven this year.

What's interesting is, to a large extent, the cast involved is the same. It's the same pitchers, the same starting catcher, the same pitching coach.

I'd guess something is wrong in the game plan that is leading to bad pitch calling.


GM-Carson said...

I'm not a Mackanin/McClure combo fan. Let them be gone!

Robert Dalton said...

The 3 by Morgan has been fixed by his demotion and his 6+ ERA in triple A. I do love the idea of allowing all these new pitchers come up and throw in some games. Thompson, Leiter, Eflin, Pivetta, and so on.

GM-Carson said...

Joely Rodriguez gives up a hit to the 1st batter he faces every single appearance. I swear!

Hellickson and Eickhoff sucking lately. Velasquez continues to disappoint. Bullpen is just terrible. I'm starting to lose faith in the rebuild. Franco is overrated, Crawford can't hit in AAA, Nola seems injured alot, Velasquez gives up too many runs while throwing too many pitches, Eickhoff just can't seem to win, Neris is unproven in 9th inning role and so far has been bad. Ugh!

ripjgarcia said...

Neshek.. 0.00

GM-Carson said...

That was a terrible game last night. Franco's inability to perform at the plate is killing the offense. He has 25 RBI merely because he bats 4th in the lineup with a decent 1 through 3. He's left many runners on base. I'm tired of his brand/style of baseball. He needs to learn how the play the game!

Bob D said...

The swings in which he loses his helmet are just too much. Stairs needs to get him to cut down on his swing. He would still hit 25 homers but have an average closer to 280 than 200. Joseph showing some improvement, but a small sample size so far. If I were Klentak I would give these guys until June (another 20 days) then start making some real changes if they cant change

Bob D said...

This bullpen (another 5 walks in 1 inning today) is worse than when we had Gas Can Geary throwing batting practice to opposing teams.

GM-Carson said...

Joseph is likely ok. I doubt he's ever a star, but I could see decent numbers from him - .260ish/.800ish

Altherr is killing it. Thank goodness, because other are stinking up the joint.

This bullpen is worse than last year. Hard to believe. Neshek is the only one trustworthy.

Preserve Jon said...

Can't wait for Saunders to grab some pine when Kendrick returns. He's not cutting it as an everyday player.

GM-Carson said...

Saunders was an unnecessary signing, just like Buchholz was an unnecessary trade.

Preserve Jon said...

By the way, I'm watching the Os- Nats game at the gym. Wade Miley loaded the bases with nobody out in the bottom of the fifth. 106 pitches. Buck walks to the mound...and leaves him in the game.

Pitching out of trouble in a high leverage situation. What a concept!

GM-Carson said...

Mackanin would have pulled Miley in the 4th inning. Idiot.

GM-Carson said...

Alec Asher - 6 G, 2 GS, 18.2 IP, 15 K, 2.89 ERA, 1.13 WHIP with #Orioles. He should be on the #Phillies pitching staff. Thanks Klentak.

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