Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Phillies Keep Losing

Since the Phillies keep losing, currently on pace to lose 106 games this season, I figured I'd search for a Phillies related image that brought me a sense of joy. Here you go, may it ease your tortured Phan heart as well.


Bob D said...

Steve Carlton 1980 - 24-9, 2.34, 286 K's, 13 CG, & 3 Shutouts
Mike Schmidt 1980 248 BA, 48 Hr, 121 RBI, 104 BB, 12 SB, 89 BB, & only 119 SO

GM-Carson said...

It may seem impossible, but things keep getting worse for the Phillies. Seems like everyone is hitting or pitching poorly with a few exceptions (Altherr, Hernandez, Knapp, Neris, and Neshek).

I don't understand how Mackanin and his coaching staff get a free pass. When a team is this bad, heads must roll.

GM-Carson said...

Velasquez to DL, Ricardo Pinto and his 5.53 ERA/1.65 WHIP at AAA takes his spot. WTF?!?!?! This rebuild is bullshit.

GM-Carson said...

Moves to make:
Trades - Rupp, Kendrick, Hellickson, Benoit, Cesar, Neshek, Joseph, Nava, and Saunders.

Callups - Alfaro, Quinn, Venditte, Milner, Ramos, Beato, Lively, Hoskins, Kingery, Williams, Perkins.

Release - Jeanmar, Morgan

Demote - Joely, Ty Kelly, Leiter, Pinto

Let the real youth movement begin!

Have roster look something like

1. Knapp/C
2. Alfaro/C
3. Stassi/1B
4. Hoskins/1B
5. Kingery/2B
6. Galvis/SS
7. Franco/3B
8. Quinn/LF
9. Odubel/CF
10. Altherr/RF
11. Williams/OF
12. Perkins/OF
13. Blanco/UTL (need at least 1 veteran)
14. Nola/SP
15. Eickhoff/SP
16. Lively/SP
17. Eflin/SP
18. Pivetta/SP (one must be moved when Velasquez comes back)
19. Neris/RP
20. Ed Ramos/RP
21. Luis Garcia/RP
22. Venditte/RP
23. Milner/RP
24. Beato/RP
25. Cesar Ramos/RP

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

hell!! at this point I'd almost settle for:

van Pelt
Van Pelt

Bob D said...

I'd do most of those trades except Hernandez (Cesar) as he can be a back up for 3rd base if Franco continues the downward trend

Bob D said...

Did y'all see Mr Met shoot the middle finger at fans? Oh my wow is all I can say

Bob D said...

Greg Holland with his 20th save, would have looked good in the Phillies bullpen.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies don't even have 20 wins.

ripjgarcia said...

I haven't watched a game in 2 weeks.. Earlier in the season I thought.. Hey they might be at least competitive and you get to see a little of the future. No more. I wish the damn ownership conglomerate would just go away and sell this team to someone who gives a crap.

Robert Dalton said...

Things are promising at AAA & AA record wise. It may just translate to majors in next few years.

Robert Dalton said...

They are reporting Velasquez injury is minor, meaning they just amputated his pitching arm

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