Thursday, April 13, 2017

Simple Truths (No Alternative Facts)

Wanna read something terrifying? Of course you do, that's why all baker's dozen of you that the follow this blog come here semi-regularly. Anywho...

The Phillies pitching staff is the worst in Major League Baseball. I know, that can't be! We're supposed to have a new and improved bullpen with a rotation to be reckoned with. Well, not so much. Luckily the 2017 season is still in its infancy. Unfortunately, it's been a disaster.

5.35 ERA - worst in MLB
.876 OPS allowed - worst in MLB
18 HR allowed - worst in MLB
1.47 WHIP - 26th in MLB

Possible good news - Buchholz could be sidelined for a long time, meaning Eflin likely gets the call-up to fill his void (something he could have done from the beginning because Phils never needed Buchholz to begin with!). Also, batting practice pitcher Adam Morgan has been demoted and Luis Garcia has been promoted. Garcia is an enigma. He has lights out stuff, but that has not be the case in terms of performance. Maybe it'll be different this time around. And maybe if I flap my arms really fast I'll fly. Just sayin'...

Jake Thompson's AAA ERA is 28.93 in 2 starts. Only Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder is outpacing him.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

see, your attitude is all wrong... the trick to flying is not in how fast you flap your arms, you just need to throw yourself really really hard at the earth... and miss!!

GM-Carson said...

Absent from the postseason since 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies have had trouble winning lately. However, according to Forbes, they are the most profitable team in Major League Baseball, beating out other large market teams such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Phils have a value of $1.65 billion, up 34% from last year, and ranked 9th in the MLB. Additionally, the team pulled in $325 million in revenue, 8th among MLB teams. More importantly, their operating income reached $87.7 million, the biggest in the league and almost $4 million more than the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs. Across the state, the Pittsburgh Pirates finished as the 8th most profitable team in baseball with about $51 million in profit.

Bob D said...

I bet right now United Airlines could beat the Phillies

Pat said...

Thanks to the small sample size, Vincent Velasquez and Clay Buchholz are ballooning these numbers. As is Adam Morgan.
We probably won't see Morgan and Buchholz for awhile.

The pitching staff should be fine.
I'll take Helly, Aaron Nola and Jared Eickhoff. I'll take Neris, Benoit, Neshal and Joely. Hell, I'll take Jeanmar as a mop up guy.

It's the other spots that need to be fixed.

GM-Carson said...

Joely might need to go back to AAA for a month or so to straightened out.

Jeanmar has been terrible since the All-Star break last year. When do we finally stop thinking he'll turn it around?