Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Morning Musings

Phillies relief pitchers have surrendered 13 homeruns. That's 3 more than the next closest team (Nationals).

Phillies bullpen ERA is 5.62, which ranks 24th in MLB. That is not improved from 2016. Trust the process though, right?

Phillies starting pitchers have a 4.50 ERA, which ranks 25 in MLB. What's that company line again? Oh yeah, "trust the process". Ahem, bullshit. Sorry, had something in my throat.

I'm tired on Maikel Franco's pull happy, swinging from the heels approach at the plate. It's as if I'm watching the right-handed version of Ryan Howard.

Cesar Hernandez, Howie Kendrick, Odubel Herrera, and Daniel Nava are the only Phillies doing anything worth a damn at the plate. Corner infielders need to get straightened out and start contributing.

I don't hate that Joaquin Benoit was moved into the closer's role following Jeanmar Gomez's debacle, but how long is Mackanin going to try avoiding the unavoidable and finally give his blessing to Hector Neris?

Zach Eflin gets first dibs as Buchholz spot in the rotation. Godspeed.


Bob D said...

Keep an eye on Pivetta in AAA he is dominating early on.

Crawford and Williams with a slow start but they can easily turn things around.

Franco with a swing that hit the catcher on the back swing yesterday was scary.

rightwinger31 said...

When he was announced as the hitting coach, I wondered about Matt Stairs. As a player, Stairs never met a pitch that he didn't try to pull for a 400 foot home run. And now Franco does the same.

GM-Carson said...

Buchholz had surgery, hout 4-6 months. Whatever, we're better off without him.

GM-Carson said...

Howie Kendrick just hit the DL. Do they call up Quinn and start him? I say Yes.