Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lefty for the Sake of Lefty...Dumb

The Situation - tie game (2-2) in the top of the 8th inning with 2 outs, a runner on first base, Edubray Ramos on the mound, and Jay Bruce at the plate.

Gotta bring in the lefty, right?


Not when the lefty is Joely Rodriguez and his lifetime line against same-handed batters is .417/1.101 in 29 plate appearances and only 2 K. 

Stay with the power armed righty with a chip on his shoulder (Ramos). Using a lefty for the sake of using a lefty is being too cute with your pitching staff. It might make Tony LaRussa proud, but the outcome was predictably disastrous (2-run homerun, Mets went onto win the game 4-3). 

Ramos career against LHB - .244/.774, which isn't ideal, but is a helluva lot better than Rodriguez's.
Joaquin Benoit career against LHB - .215/664, would have been the best choice for a 4-out save, but I'd have just rolled the dice with Ramos.  

Mackanin and Co. need to learn how to manage a pitching staff. This has been my major complain against him since he took over as manager. Well, that and his unwarranted loyalty to players despite better choices (Howard, Jeanmar, Chooch).


ripjgarcia said...

I'm so glad I turned this on.

GM-Carson said...

Phils gettin dat ass whopped 2nite.

Seriously though, Buchholz is a waste. Didn't understand the trade for hima nd his Spring and 1st 2 regular season starts make it seem as though he should be unemployed.

Morgan can go at anytime now too.

Bob D said...

Buchholtz and Morgan now both headed out presumably. Luis Garcia will be likely immediate candidate to return, he is like a cat and has 9 lives

ripjgarcia said...

I love the box score.. Season ERAs thus far for the 4 pitchers last night. 12.27, 10.50, 11.81, 12.46

GM-Carson said...

Phillies have the worst ERA in baseball - 5.40.

Bob D said...

1 spot in rotation and 1 in bullpen now available. Luis Garcia most likely to be added for bullpen and the rotation spot does not need to be added until next week sometime considering there are a couple of off days mixed in. So a 2nd bullpen spot could be added temporarily how ever it would cost someone their 40 man roster spot - I'm guessing Morgan will be designated for assignment unless Buchholtz is 60 day DL bound. Or the team will add a starter right away for his spot and no 40 man roster spot change needed.

GM-Carson said...

Buchholz probably needs TJ surgery. Oh well.

I'm at PNC watching Pirates tonight and just saw Bastardo pitch. He was terrible.

Oh, the Phillies are pretty terrible too.