Monday, April 10, 2017

Jeanmar No More!

Pete Mackanin, omnipotent manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, announced prior to the 2017 MLB season that Jeanmar Gomez would be the club's closer because he earned/deserved it. Well, he couldn't be anymore wrong. I've been pitching a fit with my pitchfork over Mackanin's decision and I'm about to recruit an angry mob to overthrow him if he doesn't change his mind soon.
Jeanmar Gomez since All-Star break 2016:
34 G, 30 IP, 9.00 ERA, and a 2.00 WHIP

If those numbers have earned him the closer's role, then dig Tim Worrell's ass outta retirement and let him have a go at it too.

More puzzling Mackanin moves...
The rotation's #1 starter is Jeremy Hellickson and he's pitched accordingly, having allowed only 1 run in 2 starts. However, Mackanin has yanked him after 5 innings in both of his starts, with only 67 and 70 pitches thrown respectively. WTF?!


GM-Carson said...

Jesmuel Valentin batting .615 through the first 4 games of the Iron Pigs season.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently Hellickson had a cramp in his right forearm that forced him out of action. My sincerest apologies to Mackanin (eye roll).

ripjgarcia said...

Maybe time to rethink Stassi since Blanco can play 1B

rslitman said...

Monday, bring on Morticia, Tuesday is Pugsly's turn, Wednesday on Wednesday, Thing on Thursday, Uncle Fester on Friday, Lurch on Saturday. I can't recall any more Addams Family members to avoid Gomez on Sunday.