Saturday, April 08, 2017

If I'm To Keep Going...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The year - 2006. The place - We Should Be GMs blog. The mission - writing non-sugarcoated shit about the Phillies. Aka - keepin' it real.
Fast forward to present day...

Here I am, GM-Carson, in my 12th season of blogging Phillies baseball. I was there for the rise to prominence, whence the Phils reigned supreme o'er the NL East for 5 straight seasons. I was there for the collapse, circa 2012. I am here for the rebuild. I am here.

IF I am to keep blogging, I've gotta be me, and me is not always liked. I'm harsh, dramatic, and bi-polar. But dammit, I'm fun and funny (at least according to my Mom).

So without further ado...

*Vinnie Velasquez striking out 10 in 4 innings = awesome. Being chased from the game due to high pitch count and ineffectiveness after 4 innings = poop.

*I'm predicting Tommy Joseph starts the year 0-27. I've not seen a string of at bats so hapless since Kevin Millwood "attempted" to hit. 

*Eff Jayson Werth. Skeezy looking MF'er.

*I'm starting to think Maikel Franco is overrated/over-hyped. He's got the talent, but what goes on between his ears is puzzling.

*It's time to cut bait on Adam Morgan. Terrible last season and looks to be playing the part again.

*Jerad Eickhoff is getting the Cole Hamels treatment, in that the offense never produces for him and therefore his win-loss record is unimpressive despite good ERA/WHIP. If I were Eickhoff, I'd stand on the table of the post-game spread and piss all over it, because that's what the offense does to his chances of picking up the W every time he starts.

*I've been beating the "Mackanin sucks at managing" drum for awhile now, but to no avail. He yanked Hellickson after 67 pitches/5 innings/1 run. He yanked Eickhoff after 80 pitches/6.2 innings/2 run. Take the kiddie gloves off and let the big boys play for shit's sake! 

*I originally prognosticated 79-81 wins for the Phillies this season. I renege. I now foresee 23 wins, 26 max. They're shitty.


GM-Carson said...

12 runs in 1st inning. Thank you Guthrie.

GM-Carson said...

Well, that was fun.

Robert Dalton said...

They're still sh*tty lol quote from major leagues.

rslitman said...

If someone told me before this weekend that a pitcher named Jeremy born on April 8 would give up 10 runs in the first inning this weekend, I would have thought for sure that Hellickson would be way off form today (Sunday). Unfortunately, he got a no decision despite giving up no runs in 5, thanks to one particular reliever.

GM-Carson said...

Jeanmar and Mackanin are a joke.

GM-Carson said...

2 save chances and 5 runs allowed for Jeanmar so far. Just because he lucked his way into 37 saves last year doesn't mean he should remain closer. He's been release worthy since mid-August. Why keep him as closer? Mackanin is stupid with his pitching staff.

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