Friday, April 14, 2017

Aaron Nola Watch, Episode 1

Aaron Nola's first start was fairly impressive.
Though he seemed to have trouble locating his curveball in the game, the right-hander held a very good lineup to limited damage.
We'll recap all of his starts this season.
Considering how important his health and success is to the Phillies' season and future, we'll look at specific goals

Goal No. 1: Health

If Nola leaves his start without grabbing his arm, we're in good shape. Nola walked off the mound a bit battered at the end of his start. But he was healthy.
Grade: A


Nola's bread and butter is his command. With his movement, having good command means he can dominate a lineup.
Nola threw first pitch strikes on 13 of 24 batters he faces. That's a notch below his normal numbers. The more he's ahead, the better off he is. He also threw just under league average for strike percentage, coming in at 64 percent. However, 24 percent of his strikes were
Grade: C+


Nola gave the team a quality start. Considering his biggest trouble came in the first inning and his last inning, it wasn't a bad outing at all. He struck out 7 against two walks and seven hits. He ended up allowing 3 earned runs.
Nola ended up throwing 89 pitches in six frames.

His next start is tonight against the Washington Nationals. It's a lineup that now has seen him already. So if he pitches well again, that's a good portend for the season.


GM-Carson said...

Hey, Jeanmar Gomez sucks.

GM-Carson said...

As much as the Phillies have disappointed this season, so have the ballyhooed Iron Pigs. The pitching has been woeful and the offense is sputtering. They're "loaded" with "prospects", but the results are not there to back up the hype yet.

GM-Carson said...

Alec Asher, whom the Phils traded to the O's for seemingly nobody, racked up a quality start for Baltimore yesterday in his 2017 debut. He could have been in the Phils rotation instead of that shitslug Buchholz. Just sayin'...

ripjgarcia said...

Did Hector Neris misbehave or something and is being punished? Why is he not the FULL-TIME closer.

GM-Carson said...

He's not rhe fulltime closer because Mackanin is a shite manager.

Bob D said...

Benoit with the blown save. However it is the first bad game he threw this year he gets a pass for now. His stuff has been really good all year. (only 2 weeks though)

Cesar Hernandez maybe a keeper. In spring he was having better success at stealing but only 1 for 2 in regular season. His hitting has been exceptional but with 3 homers I doubt he gets any more than 10 all year. Of course I thought Galvis would not either last year.

Leigh Valley with a bad start give it a week or two and we will see if it is just a bad start or if they really are bad.

GM-Carson said...

Unfortunately, uber-prospect JP Crawful has been dreadful. Batting something like .069 or something shitastic like that.