Monday, February 06, 2017

2016 player review: Jeremy Hellickson

Editor's Note: This is the 27th in a series of looks at the men who suited up for the 2016 Philadelphia Phillies. Elvis Aurajo was the last player profiled.

Let's be honest, Jeremy Hellickson was fantastic in 2016. The Phillies gave up a rookie league pitcher for Hellickson in a low-risk move. At worst, the former rookie of the year would eat some innings. Maybe they'd spin him off in a trade to a team that needed a fifth starter.

Who expected Hellickson to...

Pitch 189 innings of a 3.98 FIP, 1.153 WHIP and a 3.0 WAR?
Finish with per nine averages of 8.2 hits, 1.1 home runs, 2.1 walks and 7.3 strikeouts?

Yeah, it would have been nice if the Phillies traded him for a prospect at the deadline, but assuming he'd walk as a free agent after getting a qualifying offer was the right decision. He was going to be, at worst, the third best starter on a weak free agent market.

Well, we all know he accepted the qualifying offer, so the Phillies have him back in 2017.

2016 grade: B+
Will we see him again in 2017: yes


ripjgarcia said...

I like Hellickson but I'm not sure paying a guy 17 million to fill a slot for 1 year on a team that most likely won't make the playoffs was the right thing to do. You obviously have to fill the roster with some decency to fill seats, and the pitching market was soft. If he puts up the same numbers from last year, he gets overvalued long term although a veteran pitching presence would be nice. Don't know really how to feel about it.I think better than Buchholz though.

GM-Carson said...

Looking over the Phillies roster and trying to envision the 13 positional players they'll take for the 25-man roster and I think...

1. Rupp
2. Knapp

3. Joseph

4. Hernandez

5. Galvis

6. Franco

7. Blanco

8. Kendrick
9. Herrera
10. Saunders
11. Altherr

That leaves 2 more bench spots open and I'm think Chris Coghlan has the inside track (he can play corner OF as well as 2B and 3B). The other spot is a toss-up, but I'd like to see Cam Perkins given a chance. Goeddel/Pullin should head to Double-A, Quinn/Williams/Cozens to Triple-A, Stassi/Valentin/Alfaro also Triple-A. I could also see Daniel Nava or Pedro Florimon making the team instead of Perkins. Maybe Michael Bourn would take a minor league contract, he'd make a nice 5th outfielder.

GM-Carson said...

Philip Gosselin, a Philly boy, designated for assignment by Dbacks. Nice utility infield option. He'd be a welcome addition and could help team thos year.

Bob D said...

Valentine is one of the top candidates for that bench as well.

GM-Carson said...

I'm okay with Valentin getting a bench spot, so as long as Mackanin gets him semi-regular at-bats. This means sitting Galvis, Hernandez, or Franco once a week to get him a start and make sure he's pinch hitting on the regular too.

GM-Carson said...

Alright, I'm already getting pissed at Mackanin. He named Jeanmar Gomez his closer. What a f'n moron! Benoit, Ramos, Neris are all better choices. Neris especially. Mackanin is not the right man for this squad. I don't believe in his ability to manage a pitching staff. Jeanmar is gone after this season, is a middle reliever, and got largely lucky for a good part of the season. F. U. Mackanin!

ripjgarcia said...

Carson, your new Philadelphia Phillies are your old Philadelphia Phillies until they get outside the organization for on-field management and coaching. Loyalty is numero uno, as shown by the shit-show we watched from Ryan Howard the first half of the season.

GM-Carson said...

Mackanin sited Manuel sticking with Lidge in '09, as a reason Jeanmar shoulf remain closer. Is he f'n serious?! Lidge was dreadful that season withan ERA above 7 and tons of blown saves. Dammit Mackanin is a moron.

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