Friday, December 02, 2016

Decision day for the Phillies when it comes to four players

Hey, it's deadline day for players eligible for salary arbitration.


That means the Phillies have to decide what to do with Freddy Galvis, Cesar Hernandez, Jeanmar Gomez and Cody Asche.

So what are the chances each player gets a contract?

Freddy Galvis
Look, Freddy drives me nuts. I know, I know. He plays great defense and he hit 20 homers. But, by god, remember how fans would go nuts when Jimmy Rollins would pop-up with a runner on second or swing at the first pitch to lead off the ninth? Freddy takes that to the next level.

He struck out 21.8 percent of his plate appearances last year, walked in four percent, and put a ball in play at a percentage of 69.

Compare that with Rollins, who struck out 12.3 percent of the time in his career, only once topping 16.4, walked 7.9 percent of his plate appearances, and put balls in play 77 percent of the time.

All right, he's not J-Roll. Few players are. But he does run well, has a great glove (bears repeating) and, as we said, hits home runs.

Unless there's something we don't know about, Galvis is getting a contract. We'll put it down for 99 percent.

Cesar Hernandez
Hernandez drives other people far more insane than he does me. I'll take him on my roster. He can play a bit of defense, has a ton of speed, walks and hits for average.
He had a .371 on-base percentage last year. Not many Phillies got on base at a decent clip last year. He was one. Odubel Herrera was the other.
Is he a long-term asset? I'm still not sure the Phillies view him that way.
But, they're not going to send him packing without getting something in return. They clearly could get something in return for a middle infielder who put up a 3.3 WAR in his 26-year-old season.
We'll put him down at 99 percent.

Jeanmar Gomez
The right-hander was a solid closer for much of the season. Then the wheels noticeably fell off.

Let's look at a few stats by month:
13 games, three walks, 11 strikeouts, .254 OBP allowed, .339 slugging allowed
12 games, three walks, seven strikeouts, .298 OBP, 357 slugging
10 games, three walks, six strikeouts, .333 OBP, .450 slugging
11 games, three walks, six strikeouts, .279 OBP, .250 slugging
12 games, five walks, seven strikeouts, .365 OBP, 383 slugging
12 games, five walks, nine strikeouts, .529 OBP, 733 Slugging

Take away September and August and Gomez had a fantastic year. But you can't take those months away and those months make you question whether he can be a back end of the bullpen piece.
He finished the year with 37 saves and 68 innings pitched, so he's due for a raise from his $1.4 million.
His FIP, however, suggests he might have been a better pitcher than his final 4.85 ERA showed.
With the Phillies having a lot of spending room, it's hard to imagine them pinching pennies on Gomez' contract.

We'll put him down at 70 percent.

Cody Asche
I want to like Cody Asche. God, do I want to like him. The idea is there. A left-handed batter who hits .280-310 with a .350 on-base percentage and a .420 slugging percentage. It would be worthwhile to have a guy like that on the roster. Especially if he can play left field, first base and third base.
Truth be told, I'd rather have Asche be that guy than Emmanuel Burriss.
Asche at least makes contact and can drive the ball a bit.
If that's what they envision Asche being (especially since they've added Howie Kendrick to the mix), He might be worth keeping around. Everything I've read says he's good in the clubhouse.  And he's not going to get a gigantic raise from his $523,000. Oh, he'll double it. Or better. But that doesn't hurt the Phillies pocketbooks like it would Oakland.
Currently, Asche is the only left-handed bat who would come off the bench for the Phillies.
But, if the Phillies were expecting a starter out of Asche and want to bring in someone with more glove to be their utility guy, today's not a good day for the Cornhusker.

We'll put him down at 55 percent.

One wild card in this thing is that the Phillies have a full 40-man roster and are considering bringing back A.J. Ellis. To do so, they'd have to trim the roster. Could Asche or Gomez be viewed as being less important than a veteran backup catcher?


GM-Carson said...

Asche designated for assignment, and I completely agree with the decision. He pissed his opportunities away.

However, they went and claimed PED-abusing shitty lefty David Rollins off waivers from the Rangers. Wasted roster space. In 31 MLB games over past 2 years he has a 7.60 ERA and 1.86. That's f'n terrible. This actually pisses me off. What the hell?!

Anonymous said...

My bet is he's just holding a spot for now.
He's been selected off wavers three times in the last three weeks, by the Cubs, Rangers and Phillies.
I'm not sure I mind him just holding down a spot for a bit, if he ends up in the minors.
His minor league numbers, particularly in AAA are encouraging.
We'll have to see what happens in the coming days.

GM-Carson said...

Non-tender guys to take a chance on:
Seth Maness/RP
Chris Winthrow/RP
Jacob Lindgren/RP
Jeff Manship/RP
Vance Worley/RP/SP

Worley, Winthrow, and Manship really surprise me they were non-tendered. Each could slide into our bullpen now and be more successful than most of the trash that occupied it last season. Maness and Lindgren could like be snatch up on minor league deals.

Pat said...

I would offer Tyson Ross a nice little deal.

GM-Carson said...

I was very shocked Ross wasn't tendered. Same with Wellington Castillo.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies are apparently close to a deal with Joaquin Benoit. Ideal signing.

Benoit, Neschek, and Howie Kendrick are all veterans I would have targeted this offseason. Getting them all would be a nice move from Klentak.

GM-Carson said...

Mariot designated for assignment. Oh well.

GM-Carson said...

AJ ellis signed with Marlins. Good. Knapp can be Rupps backup.

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