Saturday, November 12, 2016

Welcome Aboard Neshek and Kendrick

Phillies GM, Matt Klentak, has been a busy boy in the early going of the offseason. He's already landed a reliable veteran relief pitcher and now a sturdy veteran bat that can play left field or second base. Well done, as they are two moves I thought made sense before they were even announced.

First up, the bullpen help - Pat Neshek. He comes from way of the Houston Astros, who the Phillies gave up very little to obtain. He's a 36 year old right-handed, side-arming gunslinger. Over 10 MLB seasons he's posted a 2.93 ERA and 1.05 WHIP...damn good! He's set to make $6.5M next year, an option the Phils picked up when they traded for him. He's appeared in 60+ games in each of the last 3 seasons and is hell on right-handed batters. Hopefully Mackanin is smart enough to use him sparingly against lefties.

Next up, the bat - Howie Kendrick. He comes from the Dodgers. Ha, imagine that? The Phillies seem to make a trade with the Dodgers every other month. Anyway, he's a 33 year old right-handed batter that is capable of playing left field and second base. He's long been a 2-sacker, but recently took a move to the outfield with aplomb. He suffered through his worst offensive campaign last year, but a return to his high batting average and middling OPS days are quite possible. For his career, Howie is a .289/.749 hitter over 1344 games in 11 seasons. He'll hit doubles, pop the occasional homerun, and surprise you with a stolen base every now and again. He'll make $10M in the final year of his contract. Darin Ruf and Darnell Sweeney were sent in the return package.
Since Klentak has been seemingly reading my mind, I'll just throw out a few more players that might be worth looking into as well...Free Agents to sign to short-term contracts: Colby Lewis for rotation, Mike Dunn as lefty in the bullpen, Clayton Richards as swingman (reliever/starter), Andres Blanco or Daniel Descalso for utility infielder, and Santiago Casilla, Sergio Romo or Joaquin Benoit as veteran right-handed reliever. Guys in final year of arbitration or contract: Ryan Flaherty as a utility infielder, and Miguel Gonzalez or Anibal Sanchez for rotation. And of course, I always recommend signing as many guys to minor league deals in hopes that they might bounce back.


Bob D said...

I thought of Dunn as well for lefty in pen and also Joe Blanton as righty in pen. One starting pitcher will be needed if Hellickson rejects QO. Then some minor league bounce back pitchers such as Morton for the just in case scenarios.
I also see the need for a good left handed bat in the lineup but I do not think Asche is in the plans for that. I see Asche as a prime trade candidate and if no offers - will be non-tendered to protect prospects.
Hernandez could be traded with Herrera and Rupp only if the offer was a can't refuse type. However Klentak does not need to trade any of these players.

GM-Carson said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a Rupp trade, but Cesar and Odubel should stay put.

GM-Carson said...

Hellickson took qualifying offer. 1 year $17.2M. Not bad.

ripjgarcia said...

I can live that that for sure. There isn't much veteran starting pitching out there this year and 5 young arms is living a bit dangerously, not that next year is that much better than this, but good to have some vets around. Kendrick was a great pickup.

Bob D said...

Hellickson back makes the top 4 include himself, Eickhoff, Velasquez, and Nola. Then they have Thompson, Asher, Eflin, Lively, Morgan and Buchanan battling for 5th spot and insurance. I could see another veteran brought back on minor league deal but I would expect no new starters added to the mix unless a trade occured. The team maybe force to cut Harrison off roster to protect another prospect and lose the insurance they have on his contract. My gut says they add 9-10 prospects to roster meaning that 3 players would have to be removed from roster.

GM-Carson said...

There are a ton of prospects they need to protect from the Rule 5 draft, but some will likely not be taken if left off the 40 man roster (Malquin Canelo, Jose Pujols, and Carlos Tocci). Also, there are a few guys currently on the 40 man roster that could be taken off (Phil Klein, David Buchcanan, and Cody Asche).

GM-Carson said...

Phillies just released Harrison. They have tons of money, worrying about recovering part of his salary due to insurance isn't worth risking a prospect.

Bob D said...

Most Likely protect: Appel, Lively, Cozens, Pivetta, Williams, Knapp, Elniery Garcia (already added), and Pinto all who would be claimed in a heart beat. That's 8 spots with only 8 available. Then Tirado I believe is about a 50/50 shot. Valentin will be added if he is seen as the utility player on team, if the plan is to bring back Blanco or other for that spot they will risk him. Andrew Pullin is on the edge of whether to protect or not. However I do feel they need to protect him as he would get selected and is a better prospect then most credit to him.
Cody Asche is first and likely only position player to be cut off 40 man roster if the spot is needed. First pitchers to be cut are Garcia (was not a Sept call up), Mariot, and Klein. Then Araujo (may be kept since he is only the 2nd lefty for pen right now), Buchanan (still has rotation depth value), and even Gomez (high salary may hurt him) could be on edge to be cut but I do not expect this to happen. Now most of them will be kept but could be on way out later in winter when roster spots are needed. I doubt the Phils will select in rule V draft this year.

Bob D said...

Added was:
RHP Drew Anderson
RHP Mark Appel
OF Dylan Cozens
LHP Elniery Garcia
C Andrew Knapp
LHP Ben Lively
RHP Ricardo Pinto
RHP Nick Pivetta
RHP Alberto Tirado
2B Jesmuel Valentin
OF Nick Williams

No Andrew Pullin as I was expecting and was surprised by Anderson

Bob D said...

Elvis Arajo was designated for assignment and already claimed by Marlins
Buchanan and Cordero were both designated for assignment which is a surprise to me as I thought Garcia, Klein, and Mariot would be before them.

GM-Carson said...

Buchanan is pretty useless for the Phillies. They have plenty of dudes that are rungs above him on the ladder.

Cordero just hasn't done much since joining the Phillies.

I don't mind either of them leaving. Same with Araujo.

Pat said...

I love both of the moves.
Sorry, I've been quiet. Computer problems and a new baby. Hopefully, after black Friday, the computer problems will be fixed.
As the roster stands right now, I think it's a slight improvement over last season. So, to me, the rebuild is moving along nicely.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils are 1 more bullpen piece and utility infielder away from improving 5-10 wins next season.

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