Saturday, October 01, 2016

Yet Another Loss

Screw this offense.
Screw this bullpen.
Screw the manager.
Please upgrade for 2017.


Bob D said...

I'm ok with the manager - he can only do so much with what he got.
Phil Klein starts today in a "bullpen game"
Bullpen has not been so flammable since the days of Geoff "Gas Can" Geory.
I'm expecting the Mets celebrating by the 4th inning when they have more than a dozen runs.
Phil Klein does have a streak going with 6 straight appearances with runs allowed.
Phillies sitting right now with pick 8 in draft next year. It can be 7th pick if Padres can beat the Diamondbacks 2 straight and the Phils throw the last 2. Highly unlikely so they may as well try to win and attempt to give St Louis a chance at playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

No, I hate St. Louis. No playoffs for them.

Bob D said...

4 relief pitchers so far in bullpen game and each has allowed a run.
What is a shut down inning? Phillies fans will never know

Bob D said...

Today the fat lady will sing upon this season

GM-Carson said...

Mackanin and Klentak want a veteran bat for next season that can lead by example. How about Matt Holliday? He can play LF/1B and teach youngsters a thing or two.

Bob D said...

I was reading about Matt Holliday not returning to Cardinals and was thinking the same thing.
They can afford to bring in a good OF, preferably on a short term contract, or be willing to eat the last year or 2 of contract if the prospects actually play better.

GM-Carson said...

There aren't many places to upgrade without displacing a somewhat useful player.

1. Joseph - he could use a platoon partner, but his .774 OPS against RHP isn't bad at all. I'd like to see him given an entire year at 1st.
2. Hernandez - he has shown he belongs. He's a leadoff hitter and plays good defense. Now if he could just improve his instincts on the base paths.
3. Galvis - I'm not nearly as impressed as everyone else is. 20 homeruns this season means diddly-squat. Everyone was hitting homeruns. His OBP was pathetic. Bat him near the bottom of the lineup and it's not as big of a deal though. Plus he has good defense.
4. Franco - he really needs to improve. Aside from homeruns, his year was a dud.
5. 6. 7. Outfield - Herrera belongs, he's good. Quinn should probably stick and bat 2nd. Altherr's season was a lost one. Not ready to give up on him, but he needs to drastically improve.
8. Rupp - he's good for a catcher, and maybe Knapp can come up next year and back him up. Alfaro needs another year in minors, this time AAA.

So that leaves an outfield spot as a glaring hole. Enter Holliday. 1 year $10 might get it done.

1. Hernandez/2B
2. Quinn/RF
3. Herrera/CF
4. Joseph/1B
5. Franco/3B
6. Holliday/LF
7. Rupp/C
8. Galvis/SS

That should be an improvement. That takes the outfield black hole of Asche/Altherr/Hunter/Lough/Burriss/Goeddel out of the lineup.

Possibly bench targets - Adam Lind/1B. He could bat against tough righties, has some pop, and should come cheap. Same could be said of Logan Morrison. But the truth is, Joseph is probably the better choice against RHP than those two.
They will need a utility infielder too, because Blanco is likely gone. Luis Valbuena would be awesome in a super utility role. He knows how to take a walk, has some pop, and brings defensive versatility.

Bob D said...

Joseph - showed good power but a very low OB%, and left handed hitter who can both play 1B and another position say OF or 2B/3B would be a good mix. But it needs to be one that can take a walk.

Hernandez/Galvis - penciled in as starters for now, but if I was GM I would entertain good trade offers if they make sense. I bet either one could at least bring in a good reliever.

Franco - was ok this year, but when compared to what everyone thought he could do yes it was a dud. Also compared to third basemen all across the majors he would rank near bottom, not because he did bad but third basemen had really good years this year.

Rupp - he is the starter, but I would entertain a trade with him also if it made sense. Having Ellis, Knapp/Alfaro catching next year would be just fine as 2018 is likely the aim to field a contender.

OF Herrera is a starter unless someone wants to make a great offer in a trade - but it has to be a great offer. With young players/prospects in the mix including Cozens, Quinn, Williams, Goeddel, Altherr, and Andrew Pullin there is likely to be one or two of them show they can be major league starters - however there is risk they can all wash out. I mention Andrew Pullin - keep an eye on him, he is way better than how he is ranked. He will likely be in AAA next year but he can flat out hit. There is room for Holliday or another good hitting OF'er next year. I'm thinking the Phils OF will start out with Herrera, Altherr, Quinn, and an addition via trade or free agent. Starting AAA OF will be Cozens, Williams, Pullin, with Goeddel in mix from bench.

I am expecting close to 12 pitchers on the roster to be cut. It will be a purge.

ripjgarcia said...

Best stop worrying about bats, albeit they were not very good. Even with league average bats, you still can't have a damn bullpen like what was served out there this year.

GM-Carson said...

Tons of relief pitchers on the market this offseason. Phils would be wise to score 2~3 of them.

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