Sunday, September 11, 2016

Peter Bourjos' Defense is Entirely Overrated

I'm tired of hearing about Peter Bourjos' defensive wizardry. He has been worth a collective -0.7 dWAR over the past 2 seasons, progressively getting worse each season. He's a free agent and should not be back with the Phillies next year, so why the hell does the almighty leader, Mackanin, continue to plug him into the lineup? The Phillies are the owners of the worst offense in MLB, so scoring more runs is essential to their improvement. Bourjos' scathing .686 OPS ain't doing it. I understand there may not be better options currently on the roster, but since this season is all about rebuilding, it's prudent that younger players that are likely to remain with the organization past this season be given opportunities (Goeddel, Paredes, Asche, Quinn, Ruf). Bourjos is quite possibly better defensively and offensively than that group, but he's not sticking around beyond 2016, so it doesn't make sense to keep playing him over players that could be part of the solution moving forward. It would have been nice if he was traded in August for anything, so that Mackanin didn't have him as an option.
"At this point it's flip a coin. I don't want to sound down about it, but we've got so many guys, and who do I play? I don't know. It's a guessing game. But when it comes to something like that, I'm going to play the best defense. Peter Bourjos is hard to take out of the lineup because he provides that defense."
~Mackanin in regards to finding playing time for everyone
The Howard Update:
Kyle Seager of the Seattle Mariners has pulled away from the pack with 2 Howards this week, upping his season total to 5. There's still time for others to catch him, but the better start mashing and hacking.


jhilton32 said...

Bourjos plays for one simple reason -- he's the best option and he's earned it. Mack is sending a very important message: you work hard and are the best producer, you will play. That is a hugely important message to a rebuilding team. It doesn't matter is you're the No. 1 overall pick or a street free agent -- everybody gets the same opportunity. Goeddel has had his chances and hasn't done anything since May. You keep him and encourage him, but you don't reward him. Asche had his chance and failed spectacularly. He's 2015 Dom Brown. Last chance and now he's done. Parades has had chances and did little. Peter may not be significantly better, but by all accounts, he's an extremely hard worker. This org is committed to doing things the right way. That means no promotion for Nick Williams, for example. Earn it, kid. This is all part of their strategy and I like it.

GM-Carson said...

I look around all of baseball and see offenses exploding. Even the Braves are hitting. Yet, the Phillies hit for shit and it's hard to see it getting much better unless Hoskins and Cozens can come close to producing for the Phils like they did in Reading.

ripjgarcia said...

Hoskins and Cozens aren't even considered legit major league prospects by many

rslitman said...

I remember that Mike Trout got an earlier call up to the Angels than expected because Bourjos was doing so poorly offensively. Trout showed a lot of promise, although he wasn't quite in the majors to stay. It's too bad that the Phillies don't have a Trout-like prospect who can outhit Bpurjos and play as good defense as Bourjos.

Bob D said...

I agree, too bad. Bourjos is likely candidate to be signed to a 5 year extension until the Mets trade Tim Tebow to the Phillies and he becomes a fixture in the corner outfield. I mean Quinn only can run incredibly fast, hit for power, hit for average, field extremely well, and can work a walk. Sounds like a bench player to me.

ripjgarcia said...

I seriously can't believe Freddy might get to 20 HRs this season.

Quinn - first MLB hit with 2 RBIs to boot.. Good stuff

Bob D said...

Alfaro with first ML hit (a swinging bunt of all things) and Quinn with 2 doubles, walk and stolen base. good stuff

GM-Carson said...

Bad Jeanmar, bad.

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