Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Series Preview - Chase Utley at Phillies

Let's keep this simple.
All you need to know about this series is two things.
1. The Phillies are playing very well of late. Winners of four straight, they've also gone 26-20 since June 23. Thanks to this recent run and their hot start to the season, the Phillies have a legitimate shot at .500 - they're 7 games off that pace - and a not so legitimate shot at finishing with a Wild Card berth, currently 6.5 back.*
2. Chase Utley is coming home. Let's get something out of the way. If anyone boos Utley tonight - the likely culprit will be one of those guys who chants E-A-G-L-E-S at a Phillies, Flyers or Sixers playoff games and also probably buys shirts two sizes too small - they shouldn't be assaulted. They should be shunned. For at least six years. I felt the same way about all the members of the 2008 team, from Burrell to Werth.

I would love to see three things happen tonight:
    A. The Phillies fans give Utley a standing ovation as Kashmir plays while Chase walks to the batters' box for each of his at-bats.
    B. Chase Utley hit a late triple to tie the game.   
    C. Phillies end the evening with their winning streak in tact.

*If you can't tell the difference between going 25-18 the rest of the way to finish 81-81 and making up the ground needed to earn a Wild Card berth, that's on you.


GM-Carson said...

Chase Utley is my favorite Phillies player ever. It was Mike Schmidt for the longest time, but I didn't get to see the beginning of his career though, I got to see all of Utley's.

Chase Utley embodies everything Philadelphia.

GM-Carson said...

What a shit show.

Araujo, Garcia, Mariot...stink.

Time to find real relievers.

Utley had amazing night, but this standing ovation stuff needs to stopa after homeruns and stuff of that nature. Remember what team you root for.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard should have had The Howard last night, but the official scorer is dumb. He had a linedrive hit right at him. He dropped it then bobbled it too. How the hell is that a hit?!

Bob D said...

Mike Schmidt is my favorite Phillies player of all time. Chase Utley ranks right up there too. My previous thoughts that Ricky Jordan was going to be a Hall of Famer and the best Phillies player ever I confess that now and I will never ever fall for the 1990's Phillies propaganda ever again. Whew - got that off my chest!

ripjgarcia said...

Challenge: Find me a game where the reliever that was called up that day by the Phillies did not pitch in the game that night.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies inability to produce quality relievers from the minors is killing them and will not allow the team to contend unless fixed. It seems almost every team has about 5 guys in the bullpen with a 3.00 era or lower.

Bob D said...

Time to pull Larry Anderson out of the broadcast booth and let him pitch.

This team needs a lot of pitching. Hellickson is the best Free Agent SP this year so offer him a QA hopefully he either accepts or work out a deal. I know Nola, Eickhoff, and Velasquez look like mainstays, but Thompson, and Eflin still have to improve. Plus the injury question show the need for more pitchers beyond the Morgans and Buchanans of the minors.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies bullpen is tied for 25th place for ERA (4.47) and rank 23rd in WHIP (1.39). They've allowed the 2nd most homeruns (59). Opponents OPS vs. bullpen is .774.

ripjgarcia said...

what's scary with those numbers is how well Neris and Gomez have performed.. That means the rest REALLY REALLY suck.

ripjgarcia said...

seems like a silly question.. but do we not have a backup SS? Cause it seems like Cesar gets a whole lotta days off.. when he is a solid hitter and Freddy plays every damn game.

GM-Carson said...

I understand Cesar has mental lapses on the base paths, but he is the better option for the lineup over Freddy...by far in my opinion. Mackanin seems enamored with Galvis though.

Pat said...

I do think the bullpen woes are what crippled the tail end of the recent run of dominance.
It amazes me that we are going on 7 years in which the team has produced, what, three quality relievers. Ken Giles (in Houston), Jake Diekman (in Texas) and Neris. It boggles the mind.
If the Phillies had a strong pen in 2010, they probably win three straight pennants.
Remember, they lost Game 4 late when they had to bring Oswalt in to pitch. They also lost game 6 late.

Sure, the offense kind of struggled in 2010-11, but maybe, just maybe, that doesn't matter with a bullpen that's a bit deeper than Ryan Madson, Jose Contreras and gasoline.

rslitman said...

In 2008, the Phillies drafted three college righthanders in rounds 11, 13, and 14: B.J. Rosenberg in 13 and the two Michael S.'s in 11 and 14, Stutes and Schwimer, respectively. All came up to the Phillies as relievers around 2011-2012. Rosenberg and Schwimer struggled, but I remember Stutes doing pretty well until he was injured. The Phillies gave up on Schwimer fairly quickly because he did two off-field things that annoyed them. He and Rosenberg had slightly negative WARs, while Stutes' was slightly positive. I have no idea how WAR is calculated, but baseball fans young enough to be my grandchildren (well, slight exaggeration there) place a lot of emphasis on it and also something called WHIP for pitchers.

Anyway, the Phillies had three promising relievers in the minors while they were winning those variuos titles, but I guess they didn't do enough to get them ready for the majors.

All three are out of baseball now. Schwimer was traded to Toronto in 2013 for Art Charles, who topped out at Reading and was released this past spring. Toronto cut him loose not too long after that. (Actually, it was a DFA with a decision to become a free agent.) Rosenberg spent a spring training with the Dodgers but got released before the regular season began. (At least Art Charles, a first baseman, is playing independent ball this year.)