Monday, July 04, 2016

Series Preview: Braves at Phillies II

It's the Fourth of July in Philly. You win today. It's in the Declaration of Independence and Constitutionally obligated. Or Zombie Richard Henry Lee will hunt you down and roast you with marshmallows.

The games
Monday July 4: 4:05
Tuesday July 5: 7:05
Wednesday July 6: 1:05

The matchup
Joel de La Cruz (0-1, 4.50) vs Jerad Eickhoff (5-9, 3.38)
Mike Foltynewicz (2-2, 3.72) vs Zach Eflin (0-2, 5.75)
Julio Tehrehan (2-7, 2.72) vs Jeremy Hellickson (6-6, 4.06)

What we know about the Braves
Atlanta is a bad team. They have the second worst record in baseball. Yet the Phillies are 3-3 against them. They have to expect to win two or three of these games.

Key matchup
The Phillies are 7-3 in their last 10 games. This is the last home series before the All Star break and the Phillies need to end the first half in a strong maner. Starting this series off on the right foot is very important. They'll need a strong performance from Jerad Eickhoff to do so.

What we can't wait to see
Maikel Franco is heating up. Nay, he's aflame. I'm almost afraid that any teammate who touches him would end up on the disabled list for a burned hand. In his last 10 games, the third baseman is hitting .394/.489/.684 with two home runs, three doubles, a triple and eight runs batted in. 


GM-Carson said...

Cesar Hernandez really heating up. I like him as a 2nd baseman batting 8th. He can stay there the next couple years until Scott Kingery is ready.

Odubel Herrera is f'n awesome. I love him. Exciting player.

Peter Bourjos continues to hit, 13 game hitting streak now. Upping his trade value.

Maikel Franco remains hot, blasts another homerun.

This team is fun when they are hitting.

GM-Carson said...

Great win today. Eickhoff looks good, Phils best starting pitcher.

By the way, Nola's last start before the break will be skipped. Smart move in my opinion. Needs to get his head straight.

ripjgarcia said...

Odubel has to be the Phillies All Star representative.

GM-Carson said...

Peter Bourjos now with a 14 game hitting streak. Dude is on fire. Hard to believe his trade value will get any higher than it is right now. Strike a deal Klentak. It's time to start the Nick Williams era.

GM-Carson said...

Loving Asche hitting. Still just 25 years old. If he can become a consistent .275ish/.750ish hitter, he'll have a place in this lineup for a couple years.

GM-Carson said...

Fantastic outing by Eflin. Game ended in bit over 2 hours. That's unheard of nowadays, especially when the score is 5-1. Great all around game by the team. Currently very fun to watch.

Bob D said...

Agreed fun to watch. Herrera and Franco they can build around. Asche, Rupp, and Joseph have shown enough to hold onto for possible role players in the future. Now if a team comes along and makes a real good offer for Rupp or Asche it maybe worth it, but there is no rush to trade either.

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