Saturday, July 02, 2016

Preview: Royals at Phillies

Sorry for being a day late.
This is a big series for the Phillies. They're playing a very good team, the reigning World Champions, who are five games above .500. But it's a flawed team that has a .366 record on the road. This is a chance to really right the ship after finally stopping their June swoon.
Taking two games in this series - or even pulling off a sweep - really opens up a chance for the Phillies to end the first half on a positive note.

The games
Friday June 1: 7:05 p.m.
Saturday, June 2: 5:50 p.m.
Sunday, June 3: 1:35

The matchups
5-4 win, Friday
Dan Duffy (3-1, 3.24) vs Aaron Nola (5-7, 4.45)
Yordani Ventura (6-5, 5.00) vs Vincent Velasquez (6-2, 3.38)

What we know about the Royals
They started the season off poorly, but are still the World Series champions.

Key matchup
Today's game is important. Aaron Nola needs to turn things around. He's never faced adversity like this on the mound. He's been an ace his whole life. Not to sound dramatic, but how he responds determines his career. Does he fold? Does he struggle? Does he get back up, dust himself off and look like an ace again? I've always been very high on Nola. Much higher than most of the experts. I think this kid's a future ace and a multiple time All-Star.
Today, against an aggressive lineup, he's got a chance to really turn it around. If he can get the movement back on his fastball and keep it down in the zone, he might give himself a confidence boost.

What we can't wait to see
Cody Asche has been a revelation recently. Consider this: He has more doubles than Odubel Herrera and Tyler Goeddel combined. I hope to see him get some more at-bats and continue to put up solid numbers in this series.


GM-Carson said...

Nola shit the bed again. He got passed the 4th inning at least, but a run per inning pitch ain't gonna get it done.

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