Saturday, April 09, 2016

WSBGMs Interview with Brew & Orange

A cool Mets blog, Brew & Orange, reached out to me for an interview for the Mets/Phillies series. They know their baseball and their beer. Much respect. Below you will find my answers to their questions...enjoy.

A couple of interesting veterans who are making their Phillies debut figure to get major time this year – Peter Burjos and Jeremy Hellickson. Does it seem like they’re on the squad primarily to provide veteran presence for such a young team, or is that a convenient byproduct of hoping to flip them at the trade deadline (assuming the perform well)?
Both Bourjos and Hellickson were needed additions. I don’t want to completely discount the “veteran presence” they bring to the squad, but truth be told the Phillies needed an innings eater in the rotation and someone that could adequately man all 3 outfield positions. They both came relatively cheap and are only here for 1 year. I could easily see Hellickson pitching well enough to be flipped for a prospect, but I’m very skeptical Bourjos will hit enough to even warrant a starting gig for the Phillies the entire year.

As hard as rebuilding can be (trust me, we know), Philadelphia has done a nice job of restocking the farm in a relatively short amount of time. Who are you most excited about making contributions at Citizens Bank in 2016?
The hype machine is in full effect for shortstop JP Crawford. He’s one of the best prospects in baseball. However, I’m most excited to see outfielder Nick Williams. Williams is the complete package and I envision him turning into a Michael Brantley type player.

David Hernandez looks like the early favorite for biggest headache of 2016. What do you think it is that’s putting him in such a curiously high leverage role out of the gate? Front office support? The fact that he’s the only reliever making any more than $1.5 mil? Mackanin?
He was guaranteed $3.9M this year. Dumb move! The other day on my blog, I documented a list of relievers with better stats than Hernandez that had to settle for minor league deals this off-season. Hernandez hasn’t been good since 2012. So, yes, I think his contract has a lot to do with it. In the front office’s and manager’s defense, the entire bullpen pretty much sucks, so it’s not like there is a clear better choice for high leverage situations.

There are quite a few breweries from Philly and the surrounding area that get solid distribution up and down the East Coast – Victory Brewing, Yards Brewing, Sly Fox, Neshaminy Creek. Any local favorites for you?
Pizza Boy Brewing is awesome! Not only do they have 101 beers on tap and make some kick-ass pizza, wings, and other pizzeria style yummies, but they typically have about 20 of their own brews on-tap as well. They are becoming known around America for their sours, but it’s their IPAs that I’m the biggest fan of. They push the limits of brewing styles and ingredients, much like Dogfish Head does. It’s become a destination spot for craft beer enthusiasts, and I’m lucky enough to have it be 15 minutes from my house!
Always a plus to have the best right nearby. From time to time you on the blog, you mention “What To Imbibe On.” What’s in your fridge, ready for imbibing while you watch the Mets series?
Weyerbacher Brewing Co. – Sunday Morning Stout. Every year, Founder’s KBS gets sold out in days throughout it’s distribution area. Sunday Morning Stout is every bit as good and is great to sit back, relax and sip on while watching some baseball. You’re going to want to sip it too, because it weighs in at 11.3% ABV and is a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. It’s a beautiful ebony pour with a large, creamy head that remains throughout. The aromas of roasted coffee and bourbon awaken your senses while hints of chocolate, roasted malt, vanilla and caramel also fancy your palate.

Sounds delicious. The Mets – Phillies rivalry isn’t what it’s always been (Mets took 14 of 19 in 2015), but that could soon change. Any thoughts on the Mets’ recent success?
I’m currently in my 11th season blogging Phillies baseball. Back in the early days I constantly poked fun at the Mets (namely because they were the Phils’ biggest competitor in the NL East). I want to say that I truly admire the way the Mets organization has built its team up into what should be a contender for years to come. The rotation is the envy of everyone and some of the homegrown position players are pretty damn good too. It’ll be nice to have the Phillies challenging them again within, hopefully, a couple seasons. Good luck to your team in 2016.


Quick Thoughts:
*Why the hell is Freddy Galvis batting leadoff?

*Phillies starting pitchers - 3.74 ERA (12th) and  a 0.97 WHIP (4th) with 4 walks over 21.2 innings.  Phillies "relievers" - 12.66 ERA (30th) and a 2.44 WHIP (30th) with 8 walks over 10.2 innings.

*Phillies offense - 12 runs (24th), .212 average (25th), and a .641 OPS (22nd).  This needs to improve.

*The Phillies and their farm teams are a combined 1-11 in the early going of 2016. Ouch!


GM-Carson said...

Thanks to the -ez brothers (Velasquez & Gomez) the Phillies secured a victory!!!

Bob D said...

Why is Galvis still hitting leadoff? Because he hit a HR already? Argggggh

GM-Carson said...

Galvis should be permanently planted in the 8 hole.

How many strikeouts is that for Goeddel? He strikes out nearly every at bat.

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