Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tommy Joseph is tearing it up in AAA

Remember Tommy Joseph, the centerpiece of the second Hunter Pence deal?
The good hitting catcher who was at one point the second best prospect in the San Francisco Giants system. Then he kept suffering concussions.
And you thought it was OK to say, "Dammit, Another bust."
Well, guess what?
He is tearing up Triple-A. Through 12 games, he has a .385/.415/.744 mark with three home runs and five doubles.
While it seems like forever ago that he was a prospect, Joseph is still a relatively young 24.
The Phillies don't have a hot shot first base prospect right now.
Brock Stassi, 26, is hitting .250/.348/.350 at Lehigh Valley. Kyle Martin is hitting .262/.333/.492 in Clearwater.
Sure, everyone seems to have forgotten about Joseph, thanks to the concussions. But the Phillies could do a lot worse than start grooming him for first base.
Maybe he doesn't become an everyday player, or the star he was expected to be when Ruben Amaro acquired him, but he's proven he can hit.
Joseph hasn't been playing every day; he's been splitting time with Stassi.
Both players have their benefits, but the Phillies might have found something they thought they lost with Joseph.


GM-Carson said...

I didn't want Howard released a month ago, but now I'm rethinking that. Howard is horrible. He has power, that is it. His OPS is shit, he's a roadblock on the base paths, and he plays some of the worst defense I've ever seen. I'd really like someone else, like Joesph, to play instead of him. It's time for the young guys, and Howard ain't that.

GM-Carson said...

Ken Giles - 9 G, 8.2 IP, 2 L, 8.31 ERA, 1.85 WHIP

Just sayin'...

Bob D said...

Toronto may be looking for 1B, however Ruf would be a more likely candidate for them. Now if Joseph and or Stassi do well long enough in AAA, neither should be blocked from promotion by Ruf nor Howard

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