Saturday, April 30, 2016

Phillies Updates

Stat Attack:
The Phillies pitching staff leads Major League Baseball with 240 strikeouts in 207.1 innings pitched and their WHIP (1.17) is ranked 6th.

The Phillies offense has posted an OPS of .661, which ranks 28th in baseball. That needs to improve, as they've only scored 76 runs, which ranks 27th.

Odubel Herrera has now walked 23 times this season after only getting a free pass 28 times last year.

The Phillies record of 13-10 puts them in the top third of baseball in winning percentage. Enjoy it.

Position OPS Ranks:
C - .862/2nd
1B - .668/20th
2B - .634/24th
SS - .749/11th
3B - .808/14th
LF - .435/30th
CF - .881/3rd
RF - .474/30th
P - .302/13th
PH - .451/23rd

Imagine if the corner outfield positions didn't have an OPS worse that Michael Martinez. The tandem of Rupp/Ruiz is doing a great job. First base isn't all Howard's fault, Ruf is the one really slacking. Emmanuel Burriss needs to be released, because the pinch hit crew could use a bit of a boost and he's only batting .050 (1-20). Odubel Herrera is on his way to becoming a star.

Giles Trade:
Ken Giles has allowed half the amount of runs with the Astros already as he did in his entire time with the Phillies (Houston - 10 R/10 IP, Philly - 20 R/115.2 IP). Meanwhile, the trade has worked out pretty well for the Phils so far. Velasquez has a 1.78 ERA and 0.87 WHIP through his first 4 starts. Oberholtzer, while not pitching effectively, has eaten up some innings in long relief. Appel is like a new man in Lehigh Valley (1.64 ERA in 4 starts). Eshelman, the forgotten piece of the swap, has been dealing for Clearwater too (1.80 ERA in 4 starts).

Phillies Affiliates:
Lehigh Valley IronPigs, 11-10
Reading Fightins, 14-7
Clearwater Threshers, 15-7
Lakewood BlueClaws, 5-16

Winning is encouraging at all levels.  The BlueClaws are the only team in the organization currently with a losing record.


Bob D said...

I really do not think this is a 90 loss teams as most predicted prior to the season, I have been saying that they will be closer to a 500 team especially as promotions occur later in year. Herrera producing near top of his position while Franco is producing about mid range. This is likely because the 3rd basemen across baseball are really doing good - a lot of them are good. Ruiz and Rupp have been impressive and Howard with 6 hrs has actually been doing better than most have predicted so far (I know the batting average is low).

I have seen enough of the Burriss/Bourjos show to know if a better player comes along they need to grab him. However I would not promote any minor leaguers until they have a prolong period of excelling, which for the likes of Knapp, Williams, Thompson, Appel, Eflin, Crawford, Cozens, Quinn, Alfaro, and others that may mean only another month or so. The Phillies have an impressive collection of prospects - and these are ones that have legitimate outlook to be major leaguers.

I'm going to enjoy their 13-10 start even if it is just a flash in the pan, but after a decent spring and a number of tough luck losses early on - it may not be a fluke.

GM-Carson said...

I'm at the game, and I'm wondering if Eickhoff looks as bad on tv as he does here in person. He ain't location his pitches for shit tonight.

ripjgarcia said...

Carson, any observations live on what Franco's slump seems to be about?

GM-Carson said...

Swinging big and trying too hard to go to opposite field. Fooled by some breaking stuff tonight.

Gomez closer music was some Christian rock stuff with a woman singing Hallelujah and find your soul. Very anticlimactic. But whatever works.


GM-Carson said...

This pitching staff is ridiculous. Even David Hernandez is dealin'.

On a sour note, Franco is struggling mightily and Howard is striking out more than normal.

ripjgarcia said...

But still. 15-10.. Who woulda thunk it?

GM-Carson said...

Winning is winning, bottom line.

GM-Carson said...

Williams is getting on track in AAA, now hitting .299

Cam Perkins is killing it - .396, and he's an outfielder. Possibly upgrade?

ripjgarcia said...

If Perkins can play LF.. I say we give anyone a shot out there.... although that was a nice grab by Ruf today, his offense is not there this year.

Bob D said...

Featherstone plays IF hitting 357 in AAA, may be an upgrade over Burriss who went 1 for April. Perkins is a corner OF so he would be a prospect to try in OF (for Lough or Bourjos) if they feel he is ready. The 40 man roster does have a spot open, so if Morton goes to 60day DL it opens another and Burris could be removed too.
O yeah, if Joseph keeps hitting then he could move into first base rotation.

GM-Carson said...

Morton to 60 ay DL for sure. Designate Burriss for assignment. Goodbye Gorgeous Bourjos.

Perkins and Featherstone could be slight upgrades.

Tommy Joseph is putting himself back on the map. He can only play 1st and PH though. But Howard and Ruf just aren't getting it done.

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