Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Phillies Represent in Disney

Hello WSBGMs readers.  Sorry I haven't posted over the last week or so, but I was enjoying Disney World with the family.  Something that really grabbed my attention, other than the amazing Frozen Sign-a-long, was the amount of Phillies garb in Orlando.  The first day I noticed a dude wearing a  Tigers Miguel Cabrera t-shirt and from then on, I paid attention to every sports team on hats or shirts.  The Phillies, by and large, outnumbered every team.  Sure, there were some Mets, Yankees, and Tigers gear, but Philly represented the best.  I was rocking my red Phils hat, so often I would say "Go Phils!" to another Phan and it would be reciprocated with some sort of enthusiasm.  It was nice, especially since the Phillies haven't been good since 2011.

While I Was Gone:
*This offense needs to improve.  They're near last in almost every category, averaging only 2.6 runs per game (prior to Monday's game). Both left and rightfield have been black holes.  Cedric Hunter was just demoted with David Lough promoted. Tyler Goeddel doesn't look like a MLB player and Peter Bourjos has continued his non-hitting ways.  Problem is, nobody is really tearining it up for the Iron Pigs to warrant a promotion (I'm looking at you Will Veneable and Nick Williams!). Oh, Emmanuel Burriss needs to go too.  Call up Ryan Jackson, Darnell Sweeney, or Taylor Featherstone to be the other utility fielder.  Outfielder Alfredo Marte was just acquired from the O's for AAA depth, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a Phillies uniform soon if the outfield continues to sputter.  Marte has hit .283/.772 in 858 minor league games and has been great in Triple-A (.304/.840 in 263 games).

*Jeanmar Gomez and Hector Neris are the 2 best relievers the Phils have. Gomez has done alright in the closer's role, but I'd switch him back to setup and give Neris the chance in the 9th.  Jeff Russell needs to be demoted immediately.  I'm thinking Bobby LaFramboise needs to be called up, as he had a good spring and has continued it into the regular season.

*The Phillies rotation is pretty good.  Yes, Hellickson and Nola just got lit up by the juggernaut known as the 2016 Washington Nationals, but they'll rebound.


GM-Carson said...

OPS MLB Ranks:
P - .407 (6th)
C - .734 (10th)
1B - .731 (17th)
2B - .551 (27th)
SS - .645 (19th)
3B - .731 (17th)
LF - .293 (30th)
CF - .807 (2nd)
RF - .455 (30th)
PH - .671 (11th)

*Odubel Herrera is a rock star. He hits for average, has decent extra base gap power, and now is taking walks (13 BB this year vs. 28 all of last season).

*Darin Ruf needs to start hitting for the platoon at 1st to be effective.

*Franco has been ok, but we all expect more.

*How the hell can left field be so damn bad? Barry Bonds could close his eyes at the plate and have a better OPS. Right field is atrocious too!

Bob D said...

Its bad when RF is worst in the league with .455 OPS and but their OPS is still 162 points higher than LF. #ImissthedaysofBurrelVictorinoRowandWerthAbreu

GM-Carson said...

A team of Stevie Wonders and Stephen Hawkings would score more runs than the Phillies.

This team may lose as many, if not more than last year.

This is a shit-show.

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