Thursday, March 10, 2016

Player Preview: Darin Ruf

As we move toward the 2016 season, let us take a look at each player on the roster and what a reasonably successful season would look like. We started with Aaron Nola. Our most recent entry was Darnell Sweeney.

Name: Darin Ruf
Position: Infielder/Outfielder
Age: 29 in July
Bat/Throw: Right/Right
Number: 18
Experience: 262 games

What we  learned in 2015

 Darin Ruf is a solid backup first baseman. He's got some impressive pop. But I've always suspected he could be a bit more. Sure, he's not great defensively and he's slow on the base paths, but when he plays regularly, some of his faults drop away.
Ruf Started in 22 of the team's final 29 games (playing in 25). That means he started in 75 percent of the games and played in 86 percent. During that stretch, his on-base percentage was .333 and his slugging percentage was .481. Prior to that, he had played in 81 of the teams first 132 games (.613 percent) and started 40 games (.30 percent). Over those games, he had a .284 on-base percentage and a .385 slugging mark.

Important goals for 2016

Playing time: At this point, the Phillies are best served with a full Ryan Howard/Ruf platoon. They can limit each player's faults and capitalize on their strengths. I would like to see Ruf end up playing about 70 percent of the games and getting starts in 45-50 percent of them.
On-base percentage: With  his limited wheels, Ruf isn't going to find many hits on balls he doesn't hit hard. To truly be effective, he needs an on-base percentage above .330. Based on some of his minor league numbers, I don't think it's a stretch for him to reach that.
Power surge: Aside from Howard and Franco, Ruf is the team's best power source. If they're going to move forward as a team, the Phils need him to showcase that talent. Maybe he's not the first baseman of the future. But if he shows off some pop early in the season, he could be a guy who nets a prospect in the offseason or at the deadline.


For two years, I have wanted to see Ruf get 350 at-bats in a season, suspecting that could lead to 25 homers for a weak lineup. The organization probably has a spot for him over the next two seasons if he can provide that.


Bob D said...

Asche out UFN with strain. Could likely delay him 4 weeks and with needing at least a brief rehab time could miss first 1-3 weeks of season. Before we know it Roy Oswalt will be grabbing his glove out of the box to play LF.

GM-Carson said...

Darnell Sweeney...step right up.

Bob D said...

Ruf with a decent to good showing could be the first baseman over the next 2 years beyond. Maybe Knapp or Alfaro get some games in at 1st too or Stassi who has been impressive early in spring gets a shot. Other than that Hoskins may be the best prospect at the position but at least 2 years away.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies record: 7-3-2
Runs Scored: 69
Runs Allowed: 55
Differential: +14

One area of early concern - 5 stolen bases to 8 caught stealing.

Anthony said...

Hey guys, Severino is going to bow out of the fantasy league this year. I just can't stay interested in it long enough. Sorry.