Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ryan Howard is a Liar

Ryan Howard is a liar. There, I said it. No taking it back now, it's out on the Internet for the entire world to see (or our few hundred readers). Howard is kinda pissy about the possible platoon situation he's facing in 2016. He feels his "track record" should plant him firmly into the starting role at 1st base regardless of the pitcher's handedness. *The title of this post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  He's not a liar, he's just in denial. In fact, I did a post with the same title back in 2013's Spring Training about the exact same subject.
"The track record speaks for itself. It doesn't matter righty or lefty, I know I can get the job done. I know all the talk over the past few years, this and that, I'm not going to focus on that. For me, it's taking advantage of the opportunities when I get to go out there and play. Do I think it's fair? Me, personally, probably not. But it is what it is. The situation is the situation. You just go out there and play." ~Ryan Howard

Howard vs. Lefties:
2004 - .111/.222
2005 - .148/.421
2006 - .279/.923
2007 - .225/.826
2008 - .224/.746
2009 - .207/.653
2010 - .264/.826
2011 - .224/.634
2012 - .173/.604
2013 - .173/.539
2014 - .230/.770
2015 - .130/.418
Career - .219/.715

If you eliminate 2014's, seemingly fluke OPS, he's been absolutely dreadful since 2011 against lefties. Baseball is about winning, and those numbers are NOT conducive to that. On the other hand, Howard still smacks right-handed pitching around, and Darin Ruf slaughters lefties.  Therefore, a platoon is exactly the answer to this situation.  Let's take the last 3 seasons versus opposite-handed pitchers for each batter and prove this with logic...

Howard - .251/.758 (.187/.615 vs LHP)
Ruf - .295/.919 (.208/.652 vs RHP)

There should be no discussion about "if Howard proves he can handle lefties", because he already has proven he cannot. There's no teaching this 36 year old dog new tricks. Pete Mackanin should employ a straight platoon and reap the benefits.  Hell, it might skew their stats enough that the Phillies might be able to unload one or both of them at the trade deadline. Forget Howard's hurt feelings. Make the correct baseball decision.


buzz campbell said...

harsh comments, though obviously the statistics support this view! did you ever consider he is in denial?, after his whole career he has been the guy written in the line-up! howard 3 --- I don't view him as lieing / when he most probably shows he can't hit lefties in spring training, "the proof is in the pudding>" in my view, his denial will have to see the reality! he did great things for this organization, but let's turn the page and simply release him! there are many options for the phillies, lotta hungry kids that want to play in our next attempt to make a run in the playoffs, sooner rather than later! GB/PEACE

GM-Carson said...

I'm happy to have Howard as part of a historical Phillies dynasty. He was a LARGE part of their success.

My comment of him "lying" was more so tongue-in-cheek, rather that my actual view. I know he's in denial, so to him, it's not lying.

GM-Carson said...

Also, I tore my Achillies twice in 2013, so I personally know the toll it takes on your body. I feel bad for him, because he'd have likely not aged/performed as poorly otherwise.

GM-Carson said...

Back in 2013 Spring Training I did a post with the same title about the same subject. Couldn't hit lefties then and can't hit them now.

ephremgall said...

If you would not say this to his face, why do you write that he is a liar? Yes, he should accept the platoon situation and eat humble pie, which will be a good way for him to transition toward retirement and the next stage of his life. But I think it is reprehensible for all these sportswriters to put him down after all he has done for the Philadelphia Phillies. Would the 2008 World Series have been won or even reached without him? If you guys had class, you would write what you think in light of who he has been and acknowledging it.

Bob D said...

Re-read the article "The title of this post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. He's not a liar, he's just in denial..."
Howard has a track record of not hitting lefties well - however Ruf has (all the while of not hitting righties well).

The 2 would likely make a decently good platoon. Howard will always be one of the best power hitters and first basemen in Phillies history and for over 6 years was a great hitter.

Bob D said...

tongue-in-cheek is the key there

GM-Carson said...

ephremgall- If I had any "class"? I appreciate what Howard did back in the day. Will always be a fan of his for that. Howerver, I'm more into winning than I am into nostalgia. The reason the Phillies currently are a bad team is holding onto nostalgia for too long (case in point, Howard). He CANNOT hit lefties, yet he continues to claim he can. Doesn't that sorta make him a "liar". If I claim I can fly by flapping my arms, yet am never able to do it, doesn't that make me a liar. Oh, but wait, I didn't bring the Phillies a World Series title, so it matters what dishonest claim I continue to make, but not Howard's because he's a hero. Yeah, sure.

GM-Carson said...

Further more ephremgall - read my entire post and I explicitly detail with evidence that Howard is at the very least lying to himself (meaning denial, which is what I stated in the 1st paragraph).

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