Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Preview: Freddy Galvis

As we move toward the 2016 season, let us take a look at each player on the roster and what a reasonably successful season would look like. We started with Aaron Nola. Our most recent entry was Cameron Rupp.


Name: Freddy Galvis
Position: SS
Age: 27 in November
Bat/Throw:  Switch/Right
Number: 13
Experience: 322 games

What we saw in 2015
Remember when Freddy Galvis made his big league debut? It was the heady days at the beginning of the 2012 season. The Phils  were coming off of five consecutive division titles. He was a young, dynamic defensive force starting in place of an injured Chase Utley.
No one expected Galvis to become an offensive dynamo, but it seemed like he'd bide his time behind Utley an Rollins and help the Phillies continue contending.
Instead, age and injuries wrecked the Phillies' 2012 season. A severe back injury and getting nabbed for PEDs put some knocks in Galvis' reputation and playing time.
Well, Galvis took a step forward last year.
Galvis had a career year, playing 151 games. That was 81 more than his previous high. He also had career highs in batting average (.263), on-base percentage (.303), slugging percentage (.343), home runs (7), stolen bases (10) and every major statistic except doubles.
Thanks to his strong defensive metrics, he ended up with a positive WAR (.04). But he's basically a replacement-level player.

Important goals for 2016
Steady as she goes: Based on his minor league numbers and what we've seen over the course of his full career, it's foolish to expect Galvis to become a much better batter than he was last year. He might not even live up to those numbers. But avoiding a huge drop-off would be great for Galvis and the team. Maintaining that production, and maybe a slight increase in numbers, would be an added bonus. Let's say a .256/.310/.350 line with 5-8 home runs.
Run: Galvis had a sparkling 10-for-11 stolen base record in 2016. No one expects Galvis, who stole 20 bases once in a season in his professional career, to be a 25-30 stolen base guy. However, he can still have an impact on the team by continuing to be opportunistic on the bases.

Barring a major development (Hey, J.P.), it's hard to imagine Freddy Galvis not being the starting shortstop on Opening Day. That said, it's hard to imagine him being the starting shortstop on Sept. 1. Crawford is clearly knocking on the door, but needs a bit more refining. At the latest, barring an injury, Crawford should get a call up for September.
The interesting thing will be finding out whether or not the Phillies end up trading Galvis at the deadline. It's not out of the realm of possibility that a team could come calling for Galvis to boost its roster.


GM-Carson said...

Either Cesar Hernandez of Freddy Galvis should be dealt sometime during the season. Both are nothing more than utility players miscast as starters because of the Phillies lack of better options. Ideally JP Crawford is ready sooner rather than later to take off SS and perhaps Odubel Herrera is moved to 2nd base because the outfield is crowded with worthy players in need of playing time (Tyler Goeddel, Aaron Altherr, Peter Bourjous, Roman Quinn, Nick Williams).

I'm excited about the Phillies future and I can only hope Galvis is part of their future success via playing or a trade.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, and Cody Asche should just be traded. He's terrible defensively and his offense is marginal. He's still young, but I'm not convinced he deserves more opportunities.

Bob D said...

Galvis is valuable as utility player, Hernandez would be better with the bat, but he is less versatile defensively. Blanco would be neat to keep past this year in the same role but who knows.

It would be great if Herrera could move to second because that would likely mean a log jam in OF, however he wont be moved until then I would imagine.

GM-Carson said...

Odubel's bat at 2nd base would be welcomed. Imagine him at 2nd, JP at SS, and Franco at 3rd, Alfaro/Knapp at C. Just need a 1st basemen now!

I could see the Phillies offense at being in the top of the league's best by 2017 if the outfielders progress.

1st base is the only position lacking, and Brock Stassi might be an answer.

Bob D said...

Hoskins who should be in AA this year is actually a good prospect who could play into ML conversation by 2017 sometime. Stassi could see some time at 1B too, especially since he should be in AAA this year and being just a phone call away. But Hoskins has bat for average decent power and really good defense for 1B.

GM-Carson said...

David Lough signed to minor league deal. Decent pickup for depth.

Would like to see Phils sign a few more guys like this for Triple-A.

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