Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Please, sir, I want some more

Yeah, I wanted a lot more than this.
I liked Lance McCullers a lot more than I like Vincent Velasquez. I like Kyle Tucker alot more than Derek Fisher.
Hell, I like Kyle Kendrick and Garrett Stephenson better than I like Brett Oberholtzer.
I'll probably feel better about this deal tomorrow.
Nah, that's doubtful.
I'm an optimist and I hate this deal.


Rich Blessing said...

You'll feel better when they announce that 4th mystery player, I'm sure

GM-Carson said...

Personally, I think it was a nice haul. I think Velasquez is gonna be a good addition to the rotation.

Oberholtz can soak up innings and not be horrible (meaning not as bad as Jerome Williams).

Derek Fisher definitely has a chance to be a big league outfielder.

And who knows who the mystery 4th player is. Nothing much is my guess.

Pat said...

My concerns with Velazquez are the injury history and that he's probably a mid-rotation arm, at best.
Maybe they turn him into a closer.
Maybe I expected too much.

Bob D said...

Velazquez skipped AAA, he may have been rushed too quickly. Experts say if he moves to bullpen he could be quite good. If he stays in rotation he will likely be mid rotation or higher. The rumored 4th prospect is a quality starter with Cliff Lee like control but not a huge upside. Fisher is a 4 tool player as he can hit, has power, has speed, and can defend. His arm maybe a bit better than Ben Revere.
I like the Velazquez and Fisher part of the trade, but ho-hum on the other 2. Oberholtz I guess could become a better starter

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