Friday, November 20, 2015

Plenty of options available for Phillies in Rule 5 draft

The Rule 5 draft could provide the Philadelphia Phillies with an opportunity to add some talent to the system.
If history provides us any clues, it's not actually likely the team will strike gold a second consecutive season. Fans are aware the team struck gold in 2014 when it selected Odubel Herrera from the Texas Rangers. The Big O hit .297/.344/.418 with 16 stolen bases, eight home runs and 30 doubles. He also provided great, if not adventurous, defense in center field. He seems to be a solid building block for the franchise.
The Phils, of course, have had some success in the Rule 5 draft over the years. Shane Victorino and Dave Hollins earned trips to the All-Star Game and played roles on teams that went to the postseason after the Phillies selected them.
But there have also been several David Herndon's, Robert Mosebach's and Edgar Ramos. Oh, and the glorious Michael Martinez.
And having the first pick doesn't guarantee success, either. Here are the last 10 first picks of the rule five draft: Fabio Castro, Ryan Golesky, Tim Lahey, Terrell Young, Jamie Hoffman, Josh Rodriguez, Rhiner Cruz, Josh Fields, Patrick Schuster, Oscar Hernandez.
That's not a roster that brings a lot of confidence to the table. 
With all that in mind, let's look at who could be available.

The always thorough Jonathan Mayo has a great roundup of players who could be available for the draft.
We'll know for sure which players will be available in the coming days. Teams have to set their 40 man rosters by 11:59 p.m. Friday.
I'll break down which players might get general manager Matt Klentak and his team's attention shortly after we know which players will be available.
What we know now, however, is very interesting.
From the Phillies' perspective, we don't know for certain what they'll be looking for specifically. The guess here is that they could be looking for pitching, though, considering Klentak's first three moves as general manager were to add pitchers and previous statements he's made about the need for pitching.
Otherwise, if an obviously highly skilled players is available, they'll take him.

These are the players who need to be added to the 40-man roster, according to Mayo.

7. Tyler Glasnow, RHP, Pirates
12. Orlando Arcia, SS, Brewers
14. Nomar Mazara, OF, Rangers
31. Josh Bell, 1B, Pirates
41. Blake Snell, LHP, Rays
71. Brandon Nimmo, OF, Mets
95. Kyle Zimmer, RHP, Royals
98. Michael Fulmer, RHP, Tigers
99. Raimel Tapia, OF, Rockies

It's hard to imagine any of these guys being available, but we can dream. Mazara, Bell and Glasnow would be fantastic pick-ups. It would also be nice to steal a guy like Nimmo from the division rival New York Mets.

The other interesting thing is looking at how several franchises have a big log jam going into decision day. The Houston Astros lead the way with 11 players who need to be added to the 40 man roster.  Here's a brief rundown.

Houston Astros
No. 9 Joe Musgrove, RHP
No. 16 Reymin Guduan, LHP
No. 17 Teoscar Hernandez, OF
No. 18 Chris Devenski, RHP
No. 19 David Paulino, RHP
No. 20 Danry Vasquez, OF
No. 22 Brady Rodgers, RHP
No. 23 Andrew Aplin, OF
No. 24 Nolan Fontana, INF
No. 28 Jandel Gustave, RHP
No. 29 Kyle Smith, RHP

Kansas City Royals
No. 3 Kyle Zimmer, RHP
No. 5 Bubba Starling, OF
No. 13 Elier Hernandez, OF
No. 15 Alec Mills, RHP
No. 21 Christian Binford, RHP
No. 25 Matthew Strahm, LHP
No. 27 Sam Selman, LHP
No. 28 Balbino Ruenmayor, 1B

Miami Marlins
No. 2 Jarlin Garcia, LHP
No. 11 Nick Wittgren, RHP
No. 16 Austin Brice, RHP
No. 21 Matt Milroy, RHP
No. 24 Ivan Pineyro, RHP
No. 25 Chris Reed, LHP
No. 26 Miguel Del Pozo, LHP
No. 30 Victor Araujo, RHP

Minnesota Twins

No. 10 Adam Brett Walker II, OF
No. 11 J.T. Chargois, RHP
No. 13 Taylor Rogers, LHP
No. 19 Travis Harrison, OF
No. 23 Zack Jones, RHP
No. 24 Jason Wheeler, LHP
No. 27 Mason Melotakis, LHP
No. 30 Yorman Landa, RHP

St. Louis Cardinal
No. 11 Luis Perdomo, RHP
No. 12 Patrick Wisdom, 3B
No. 17 Jacob Wilson, 3B/2B
No. 19 Juan Herrera, SS
No. 23, Breyvic Valera, Util
No. 24 Chris Perry, RHP
No. 25 Zach Petrick, RHP

New York Mets
No. 2 Brandon Nimmo, OF
No. 12 Wuilmer Becerra, OF
No. 16 Robert Gsellman, RHP
No. 19 Matt Bowman, RHP
No. 26 T.J. Rivera, SS
No. 27 Seth Lugo, RHP
No. 28 Jayce Boyd, 1B

San Francisco Giants
No. 6 Kyle Crick, RHP
No. 9 Steven Okert, LHP
No. 12 Adalberto Mejia, RHP
No. 14 Chris Stratton, RHP
No. 20 Ty Blach, LHP
No. 21 Clayton Blackburn, RHP
No. 27 Joe Biagini, RHP

Cleveland Indians
No. 5 Tyler Naquin, OF
No. 12 James Ramsey, OF
No. 15 Mike Clevinger, RHP
No. 16 Shawn Morimando, LHP
No. 18 Luis Lugo, LHP
No. 22 Luigi Rodriguez, OF
No. 24 Claudio Bautista, 2B

There is a lot of pitching on those lists. More than 40 arms that could be available. There is also a fair number of outfielders that could attract the Phillies' attention.

Three things that jump out at you on those lists are that the Giants have four pitchers among their top 16 prospects they have to protect; the Cardinals have five top 20 prospects to protect and the Astros have six top 20 prospects on their list.

As for the Phillies, they have three prospects to protect: No. 6 Roman Quinn; No. 14 Alberto Tirado, and No. 20 Carlos Tocci. It's doubtful Roman Quinn would be left unprotected considering his ceiling. It's also unlikely the Phils would give up on the 20-year-old Alberto Tirado, whom they just acquired in the Ben Revere trade and has a blazing fastball. Tocci is still well regarded so I can't see them losing him.

A team will likely find a decent player in this draft. It's unlikely that team will pluck a good prospect from the Phils, but there's hope for Philadelphia fans that they'll find success in the draft.


Bob D said...

The Phillies can easily add all 3 players to roster. Last year the team picked 2 rule 5 players in ML portion, they could do that again this year. With several teams struggling to have enough room to protect their prospects some of them will not make a selection. That could result in the Phillies having pick number 1 and possibly around number 20 +/-. That first pick could be a really good player. I don't expect a top 100 player but we could wish. Tomorrow we could have an idea of the best player available and hopefully the best 20-30 available. (I doubt they would carry 2 rule 5 players all year, but who knows)

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are in a perfect situation to carry two Rule 5 players if they warrant rostering. A starting pitcher would be awesome!

GM-Carson said...

AJ Achter claimed off waivers from Twins. Another possible relief pitcher.

Bob D said...

Scanned the list, a few pitchers and outfielders look interesting. Now these are just top 30 prospects and there may be a few not listed that played well at AA/AAA that may make more sense for bullpen or other positions

Beer-a-Thon said...

TJ Rivera is available in the Rule 5 draft. He can play all 4 infield positions and he hits for average. He's already made it to Triple-A. .318/.784 in 5 minor league seasons. No power or speed, but gets on base and gets hits. That matters. He could definitely be a future utility player or even a bottom of the lineup regular at 2nd base. If a team were willing to give something of use for Galvis or Cesar Hernandez, now would be the time to do it and then let Rivera get regular at bats and see if he has a future.

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