Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Howard - Final 2015 Standings

The Howard- when a player strikes out, commits an error, and hits a homerun all within the same game.  Lovingly named after the Philadelphia Phillies slugger, Ryan Howard.

Congratulations to Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros and Josh Donaldson of the Toronto  Blue Jays for leading all of baseball in The Howard for the 2015 season.  I'm sure this trumps the Rookie of the Year and MVP award that they having coming their way.

The Howard - Final 2015 Standings
C. Correa/HOU- 5
J. Donaldson/TOR- 5
P. Alvarez/PIT- 3
N. Arenado/COL- 3
C. Asche/PHI- 2
A. Beltre/TEX- 2
K. Bryant/CHC- 2
B. Crawford/SFG- 2
J. Harrison/PIT- 2
R. Howard/PHI- 2
N. Hundley/COL- 2
J. Kang/PIT- 2
M. Reynolds/STL- 2
A. Rizzo/CHC- 2
J. Smoak/TOR- 2
E. Suarez/CIN- 2
M. Teixeira/NYY- 2
D. Wright/NYM- 2
J. Abreu/CHW- 1
J. Altuve/HOU- 1
J. Baker/MIA- 1
B. Belt/SFG- 1
C. Beltran/NYY- 1
A. Blanco/PHI- 1
G. Blanco/SFG- 1
X. Bogaerts/BOS- 1
J. Bour/MIA- 1
D. Butera/KCR- 1
A. Cabrera/TBR- 1
K. Calhoun/ANA- 1
M. Canha/OAK- 1
R. Castillo/BOS- 1
S. Castro/CHC- 1
C. Colabello/TOR- 1
N. Cruz/SEA- 1
T. d'Arnaud/NYM- 1
K. Davis/MIL- 1
R. Davis/DET- 1
B. Dozier/MIN- 1
A. Eaton/CHW- 1
A. Escobar/KCR- 1
T. Featherston/LAA- 1
T. Field/TEX- 1
M. Franco/PHI- 1
N. Franklin/TBR- 1
T. Frazier/CIN- 1
F. Galvis/PHI- 1
E. Gattis/HOU- 1
P. Goldschmidt/ARI- 1
C. Gonzalez/COL- 1
B. Harper/WSH- 1
C. Herrmann/MIN- 1
A. Jackson/SEA- 1
M. Joyce/LAA- 1
M. Kemp/SDP- 1
J. Lake/CHC- 1
J. Lawrie/OAK- 1
A. Lind/MIL- 1
E. Longoria/TBR- 1
M. Machado/BAL- 1
J. Marte/DET- 1
C. Maybin/ATL- 1
M. Montero/CHC- 1
L. Morrison/SEA- 1
B. Moss/CLE- 1
R. Odor/TEX- 1
M. Olt/CHW- 1
D. Ortiz/BOS- 1
J. Peavy/SFG- 1
H. Pence/SFG- 1
J. Peralta/STL- 1
B. Phillips/CIN- 1
T. Plouffe/MIN- 1
G. Polanco/PIT- 1
A. Ramirez/PIT- 1
M. Semien/OAK- 1
T. Snider/BAL- 1
S. Souza/TBR- 1
G. Springer/HOU- 1
G. Stanton/MIA- 1
K. Suzuki/MIN- 1
M. Taylor/WSH- 1
T. Tulowitzki/COL- 1
L. Valbuena/HOU- 1
D. Valencia/OAK- 1
S. Van Slyke/LAD- 1
J. Votto/CIN- 1
T. Walker/PIT- 1
C. Yelich/MIA- 1
M. Zunino/SEA- 1

Inside the Numbers:
*116 Howards were committed in 2015, which ranks in the middle of the pack since the stat's creation prior to the 2009 season.  Year - # of Howards: 2009- 111, 2010- 112, 2011- 107, 2012- 129, 2013- 92, 2014- 118, and 2015- 116.

*Ryan Howard has committed 11 Howards since the beginning of 2009.

*The 2015 Howards standings will be archived on the right sidebar of the blog.


Andrew said...

How come there's no Hall of Fame past 2012 on the sidebar?

GM-Carson said...

Jamie Moyer was the last one in 2013, but I couldn't get his image to stay there. Haven't done one past 2 seasons.

Andrew said...

Too bad. I think Adam Loewen has a real shot for 2015...

icybeck said...

since you changed the header at the top of the page the phils have gone downhill lol time to create some thing new now that ruben is coaching first base and not ruining the franchise anymore

Andrew said...

I think a post about how much of stand-up class act kind of guy Lenny Dykstra is, would be interesting. He's really an inspiration to us all.

Bob D said...

Michael Martinez aka Mini-Mart would be a ~em~ great choice for Hall of Shame

Bob D said...

I would not be surprised to see Mets win at least 2 of 3 over weekend

Andrew said...

Another ring for Madson. Possibly Blanton will be given one too (for 1/2 season with KC)

rslitman said...

Madson is the 3rd Phillie on the 2008 postseason roster to win a World Series ring later. The others are Burrell and Victorino. So Taguchi had a World Series ring before he was a Phillie. He appeared in an earlier round of the 2008 postseason but not the World Series. I don't know if he didn't make the roster for that round or just didn't get into a game.

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