Sunday, October 04, 2015

99 Problems, But 100 Losses Ain't 1

The Phillies have 99 problems, but 100 losses ain't 1.  With a 7-2 win today over the Miami Marlins, the 2015 season has come to a close and the Phils ended with a 63-99 record, 1 loss shy of triple digits.
Looking ahead to 2016, this is what I foresee as the roster is currently constructed...
C - Cameron Rupp/Carlos Ruiz
1B - Ryan Howard/Darin Ruf
2B - Cesar Hernandez
SS - Freddy Galvis
3B - Maikel Franco
LF - ?
CF - Odubel Herrera
RF - Aaron Altherr
Bench - Cody Asche/LF/3B & Andres Blanco/UTL

SP - Aaron Nola
SP - Jerad Eickhoff
SP - Adam Morgan
SP - ?
SP - ?
CL - Ken Giles
RP - Dalier Hinojosa, Luis Garcia, Elvis Araujo, Hector Neris, Jeanmar Gomez, ?.

Two spots in the rotation are open and one spot in the bullpen. Left field is up for grabs, plus a bench spot. Internal options for SP - David Buchanan, Alec Asher, Severino Gonzalez, Jake Thompson and Matt Harrison. RP - Kenny Roberts, Justin DeFratus, Colton Murray and Nefi Ogando. Bench spot - Darnell Sweeney/UTL.

I could see at least 1 veteran stopgap starting pitcher brought in to eat innings. I would love a bounce back candidate like Mat Latos. Wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of minor league contracts handed out to relief pitchers and some outfield/infield guys.

It would be nice to see Chooch traded, but it's not necessary, because neither Andrew Knapp or Jorge Alfaro are MLB ready. DeFratus might not be tendered a contract, and I expect the same fate for Domonic Brown. I know Francoeur has been a great clubhouse presence, but I don't know if he comes back, nor do I really think he should. It was a nice year with him, but my guess is if retained next season, he wouldn't be nearly as good (his track record suggests I'm right).

It's going to be an interesting offseason.  One of continued rebuilding/transition.  Bring it on!


C.M.R. said...

i take it there aren't any young phenoms we should know about?

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies farm system is talented, but that talent is at Double-A or lower. Meaning, none will likely see significant MLB time next year (except maybe JP Crawford, Nick Williams, and Jake Thompson).

Bob D said...

Most of AA Reading will be promoted to AAA to start next year. That is a good thing as most of those guys will need a couple of months before considered for promotion. The Phillies 2nd best starting pitcher is Jake Thompson, but I would expect him to make at least 10 starts in AAA before being considered for promotion.

Francoeur should be brought back and I would expect Bogusevic to be offered a AAA contract. However AAA outfield could be Quinn, Williams, and possibly Sweeney among others. So someone like Bogusevic may see that as very little chance to actually play even in AAA.

Expect the rule 5 draft to bring in a quality player, usually a pitcher who could be stashed in bullpen is what occurs. But the Phils get first pick and there are some very deep farm systems that someone will be left unprotected.

Young Phenoms? Ricardo Pinto and Franklyn Kilome look real good as pitchers, possibly better than Nola is projected. They are in lower minors but could make way into AA at some point next year.

C.M.R. said...

i was actually talking about phenoms we can draft with the #1 pick, like what the nats did drafting strasburg and harper, although i will certainly watch for pinto and kilome.

also i think it's kinda strange that the mlb draft is the only one of the four major sports that takes place during the season.

GM-Carson said...

Has to take place during the season because of when college and high school seasons end. It wouldn't make sense to wait until November to draft because that's missed time in the minors for those draft picks and it would also wreak havoc during free agency.

Bob D said...

Well they say Puk a lefty pitcher could be in big leagues 1 year after draft. Thats a bit like what Nola did, however Puk is seen as a better prospect. Groome (from Barnegat NJ) is a high school prospect that may have the highest ceiling but drafting him at #1 the team would not see him for at least a couple of years. But there is 8 more months to go before draft so a lot could change.

Beer-a-Thon said...

From MLB Trade Rumors:
The Phillies announced that they’ve outrighted seven players from the 40-man roster. Right-hander Justin De Fratus, catcher Erik Kratz, infielder Chase d’Arnaud, outfielder Jordan Danks and lefties Adam Loewen and Ken Roberts were all outrighted off the roster. Additionally, right-hander Jonathan Pettibone was activated from the 60-day DL and outrighted.

*I agree with all of those moves and expected all, except for DeFratus. It's time to move on from DeFratus and get new blood in there, maybe a decent veteran.

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