Sunday, September 27, 2015

One Week Remains

The 2015 season for the Philadelphia Phillies concludes next Sunday, one week from today.  7 games remain.  The pain is almost over.


GM-Carson said...

Nice to see Papelbon making friends with his new superstar teammate, Bryce Harper. The two of them got into a heated fight in the dugout today, had to be separated.

Then he blew the game in the 9th. Couldn't happen to a nicer douche.

Barbie Chiu said...

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Andrew said...

Not only do I love the irony of Paps calling out Harper and then going on to blow the game big-time, but I also love how in Blanco's post-game interview, he referenced playing like the example that Chase set. Utley lives on in Philly, for sure.

How does everyone feel about Blanco? He's a 31 year old journeyman with this season being his most plate appearances. Is he part of the future or filler material until the bigger younger stars come up? I like him right now but I'm inclined to think he's filler.

GM-Carson said...

He's filler, but a useful utility player nonetheless.

Bob D said...

I see Blanco as utility IF as he can play 2B, SS, 3B. He seems to have better upside as a hitter than Galvis. So I would question if he is better for SS at this point.
He is under team control for next year. But after 2 straight solid seasons for the Phillies he will draw a good bit of interest from many teams. He could have a career similar to Greg Dobbs or Kevin Frandsen ~ with less power.

With Crawford as the heir for SS maybe by end of 2016, the battle for 2B continues. No top prospect there that is near MLB ready. But Hernandez, Sweeney, Galvis, Blanco, and even Herrera (former position) could all be auditioning for it for 2017.

Andrew said...

Don't forget about Kingery who is at A (lakewood) as our future 2B... Supposedly a fast-track guy too

GM-Carson said...

I see Kinergy in MLB by 2017

GM-Carson said...

Looking at the free agents this offseason, there aren't that many starting pitchers that fit the stop-gap, 1-year, innings eater, relatively inexpensive veteran mold or guy looking for a rebound.

Kyle Kendrick, Kyle Lohse, Aarong Harang, Bud Norris, Mat Latos, Mike Pelfrey, Alfredo Simon, Ryan Vogelsong, Jerome Williams, Chris Young, Jeremy Guthrie, Bartolo Colon, Trevor Cahill.

Not inspiring. Really wish Asher could have shown more. And here's to hoping Matt Harrison is healthy.

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