Monday, August 10, 2015

Series Showdown: Phillies versus Diamondbacks

Philadelphia Phillies (45-67) @ Arizona Diamondbacks (54-56)
Game Times:
Monday & Tuesday - 9:40
Wednesday - 3:40

Batting & Fielding:
C - Carlos Ruiz vs. Welington Castillo
1B - Ryan Howard vs. Paul Goldschmidt
2B - Cesar Hernandez vs. Chris Owings
SS - Freddy Galvis vs. Nick Ahmed
3B - Maikel Franco vs. Jake Lamb
LF - Cody Asche vs. David Peralta
CF - Odubel Herrera vs. AJ Pollock
RF - Domonic Brown vs. Ender Inciarte
Bench - Cameron Rupp, Chase Utley, Jeff Francoeur, Andres Blanco & Darin Ruf vs. Oscar Hernandez, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Aaron Hill, Jaime Romak & Yasmany Tomas
R - Phillies 418 (26th) vs. Diamondbacks 482 (9th)
AVG - Phillies .252 (16th) vs. Diamondbacks .262 (6th)
OPS - Phillies .680 (26th) vs. Diamondbacks .725 (10th)
HR - Phillies 80 (29th) vs. Diamondbacks 97 (19th tied)
SB - Phillies 66 (10th tied) vs. Diamondbacks 97 (2nd)

SP1 - Aaron Harang vs. Ruby De La Rosa
SP2 - David Buchanan vs. Jeremy Hellickson
SP3 - Aaron Nola vs. Chase Anderson
CL - Ken Giles vs. Brad Ziegler
RP - Luis Garcia, Jeanmar Gomez, Elvis Araujo, Hector Neris, Justin DeFratus & Adam Loewen vs. Andrew Chafin, Josh Collmenter, David Hernandez, Keith Hessler, Daniel Hudson & Addison Reed
ERA - Phillies 4.53 (29th) vs. Diamondbacks 4.07 (21st)
WHIP - Phillies 1.45 (29th) vs. Diamondbacks 1.30 (21st)
K - Phillies 805 (20th) vs. Diamondbacks 806 (19th)
Run Differential - Phillies (-123) vs. Diamondbacks (+6)


Beer-a-Thon said...

Phillies just acquired Tyler Pastornicky from the Rangers. Nothing but a depth move.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Utley with a hit in all 4 games since being activated from the DL.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Harang was great for a couple months, but has been absolutely dreadful since.

ripjgarcia said...

Aaron Haraang is fat and out of shape. Cliff Lee is getting paid how much. Lend a hand bro

Beer-a-Thon said...

Dale Thayer just designate for assignment by Padres. Under team control through 2017. Decent reliever having mediocre season. Take a chance on him.

GM-Carson said...

Well, this was a reality check for the Phillies.

Bob D said...

I thought they may pull I out there in the 9th inning but scoring a touchdown and 2 field goals was too much to ask for.

Buchanan makes Phillies history with 11 run 2nd inning - most since 1938.

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