Sunday, August 09, 2015

Phillies Win (a Poem)

Another day,
Another win,
No longer dwellers of the cellar,
Or the basement are they in.

They've swept the East,
The Central and the West,
In the second half,
Is when they play best.

Call it luck,
Call it skill,
Rooting for the Phillies,
I forever will.


GM-Carson said...

There is so much good happening with the Phillies right now. It's an exciting time. As much as I hated to see Rollins and Hamels go, the return is shaping the future. When Utley's time with the Phils comes to an end, it too will be sad, but a much needed changing of the guard.

There are some guys pitching and hitting out of their mind right now in the minors.

The new guys are killin' it. I can't wait to see who gets called up next. I want this to get going. Not rush guys, but let's see what they've got. Asche is not a prime player. He's a bench bat. Time to give Altherr a starting gig permanently. Can't hold them all at Triple-A next season and expose them all at once. Start bringing them into the fold one at the time like the Cubs have done with Bryant, Russell, and Schwarber.

Bob D said...

Asche and Brown are at the crossroads of, are they part of the team moving forward or should they be traded to make room for others. Brown however has put together a good month now. I guess Ruf would fall into this category too

GM-Carson said...

Brown has played well over the past month or so, but I still doubt he has it in him to be a piece of the puzzle moving forward. Same with Asche and Ruf. I root for each of them, but watching them, they just don't seem to have "it".

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