Friday, July 24, 2015

Series Showdown: Phillies versus Cubs

Philadelphia Phillies (34-63) @ Chicago Cubs (51-43)
Game Times:
Friday & Saturday - 4:05
Sunday - 2:20

Batting & Fielding:
C - Carlos Ruiz vs. Kyle Schwarber
1B - Ryan Howard vs. Anthony Rizzo
2B - Cesar Hernandez vs. Addison Russell
SS - Freddy Galvis vs. Starlin Castro
3B - Maikel Franco vs. Kris Bryant
LF - Cody Asche vs. Chris Coghlan
CF - Ben Revere vs. Dexter Fowler
RF - Domonic Brown vs. Jorge Soler
Bench - Cameron Rupp, Jeff Francoeur, Andres Blanco, Darin Ruf & Odubel Herrera vs. David Ross, Taylor Teagarden, Jonathan Herrera & Chris Denorfia
R - Phillies 335 (28th) vs. Cubs 361 (24th)
AVG - Phillies .246 (23rd) vs. Cubs .239 (26th)
OPS - Phillies .662 (27th) vs. Cubs .688 (22nd)
HR - Phillies 63 (29th) vs. Cubs 81 (17th tied)
SB - Phillies 55 (13th tied) vs. Cubs 65 (6th)

SP1 - Jerome Williams vs. Jon Lester
SP2 - Cole Hamels vs. Jake Arrieta
SP3 - Aaron Nola vs. Jason Hammel
CL - Jonathan Papelbon vs. Jason Motte
RP - Ken Giles, Jeanmar Gomez, Jake Diekman, Justin DeFratus, Luis Garcia, Elvis Araujo & Hector Neris vs. Justin Grimm, Pedro Strop, Neil Ramirez, Hector Rondon, James Russell, Rafael Soriano & Yoervis Medina
ERA - Phillies 4.71 (29th) vs. Cubs 3.32 (5th)
WHIP - Phillies 1.48 (30th) vs. Cubs 1.17 (1st)
K - Phillies 699 (17th) vs. Cubs 814 (3rd)
Run Differential - Phillies (-152) vs. Cubs (+14)

What To Imbibe On:
Coronado Brewing Company - Nineteenth Anniversary. Coronado celebrating its 19th year of brewing tasty treats for the masses, and the sure knocked it out the park on this one. This beer is a must have for hop-heads.  It is the quintessential West Coast IPA.  Dank, big tropical fruit flavors and aromas, juicy, semi-sweet malt backdrop, It pours a brilliant golden orange with frothy head that entices you from first waft of the hops.  Truly a great beer, best I've had from Coronado yet.  This Imperial IPA registers in at 9% ABV with 80 IBU. It's brand new on the craft beer scene, but it has gotten rave review thus fa, 4.02 out of 5 stars on Untappd.

Commercial Description - We are always looking for opportunities to get creative around the brewhouse, and the celebration of another year of passionate brewing is the best opportunity we can think of. As such, we revel in the challenge of coming up with a new and interesting brew each year under our "Anniversary" label worthy of both paying homage to our past and the new year of brewing that lays ahead


Anthony said...

No comments? Not a one? The game is over.

ripjgarcia said...

Never thought it would happen. His pitch counts get too high, but good for him.

Bob D said...


Andrew said...

I still think he should stay!

GM-Carson said...

Do NOT trade Cole Hamels. Do NOT.

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