Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Series Showdown: Phillies versus Blue Jays

Philadelphia Phillies (37-63, 5th) @ Toronto Blue Jays (50-50, 2nd)
Game Times:
Monday & Tuesday - 7:07

Batting & Fielding:
C - Carlos Ruiz vs. Russell Martin
1B - Ryan Howard vs. Edwin Encarnacion
2B - Cesar Hernandez vs. Devon Travis
SS - Freddy Galvis vs. Troy Tulowitzski
3B - Maikel Franco vs. Josh Donaldson
LF - Cody Asche vs. Chris Colabello
CF - Ben Revere vs. Kevin Pillar
RF - Domonic Brown vs. Jose Bautista
Bench - Cameron Rupp, Jeff Francoeur, Darin Ruf, Andres Blanco & Odubel Herrera vs. Dioner Navarro, Ryan Goins, Justin Smoak, Danny Valencia & Ezequiel Carrera
*Playing in AL park, so DH is in effect for this series.
R - Phillies 356 (27th tied) vs. Blue Jays 528 (1st)
AVG - Phillies .250 (22nd) vs. Blue Jays .262 (5th)
OPS - Phillies .673 (27th) vs. Blue Jays .772 (1st)
HR - Phillies 67 (29th) vs. Blue Jays 130 (3rd)
SB - Phillies 59 (11th tied) vs. Blue Jays 56 (13th tied)

SP1 - Adam Morgan vs. Felix Doubront
SP2 - Jerome Williams vs. RA Dickey
CL - Jonathan Papelbon vs. Roberto Osuna
RP - Ken Giles, Justin DeFratus, Jake Diekman, Luis Garcia, Jeanmar Gomez, Elvis Araujo & Hector Neris vs. LaTroy Hawkins, Liam Hendriks, Aaron Loup, Brett Cecil, Aaron Sanchez, Ryan Tepera & Bo Schultz
*Blue Jays just acquired Tulowitzski and Hawkins for Jose Reyes and prospects.  Someone from the bullpen will need to be demoted in order to make room on the 25-man roster.
ERA - Phillies 4.64 (29th) vs. Blue Jays 4.07 (23rd)
WHIP - Phillies 1.46 (29th) vs. Blue Jays 1.28 (18th)
K - Phillies 727 (18th) vs. Blue Jays 694 (26th)
Run Differential - Phillies (-139) vs. Blue Jays (+95)

What To Imbibe On:
Founders Brewing Company - Double Trouble IPA. Thank goodness I finally had this beer. Amazing Imperial IPA. Beautiful floral bouquet aroma with hints of pine and citrus.  Nice lasting finish.  Some sweet syrup-esque flavors from the malts that leave a sticky mouthfeel.  Well balanced and easy drinking for a 9.4% ABV. Golden straw color with solid head retention and lacing. Added bonus- very cool bottle art, flipping the image upside down gives you a different perspective.  Availability: July - September.

RateBeer.com - 99

Commercial Description - An imperial IPA that was brewed to turn your world upside down. Hops have got you coming and going. Pungent aromatics up front paired with a malt balanced backbone and a smooth bitter finish. 86 IBUs.


GM-Carson said...

Papelbon to Nationals or Double-AA pitcher. He better be good, if not it's a bad trade, because they could have hung on until Friday or even the offseason.

Andrew said...

This does not inspire confidence in me for a Hamels trade worth shit. The AA guy for Paps is being called "a project." Good lord.

GM-Carson said...

I know as the saying goes, "You can never have enough pitching", but dammit, get some f'n bats!

Nick Pivetta is the prospect Phillies got in Papelbon deal. Currently their 10th ranked prospect. The 22 year old has a big frame (6'5"), but honestly hasn't done anything all that impressive in the minors. Over parts of 3 seasons: 21-15, 53 G, 50 GS, 267.2 IP, 201 K, 3.60 ERA, 1.31 WHIP. Not bad, but nothing that excites me. Pitchers with low strikeout rates scare me.

Just like I didn't really care much for the J-Roll prospect package, this one goes the same. By the way, Tom Windle has been demoted to bullpen and has a 4.81 ERA and 1.57 WHIP in Reading, which isn't good. The other guy, Zach Eflin, has been okay (3.47/1.19 in Reading), but his strikeout rate has plummeted (4.6 K/9).

I'm just tired of constantly picking up minor league pitching prospects that might not amount to shit.

Andrew said...

This feels like a salary/personality dump. The value otherwise is very lopsided

GM-Carson said...

The Nationals just got one of the best closers in the game for the remainder of this season and next for a questionable prospect.

Bob D said...

Pivetta seems like a risk trade but has upside as he does throw in mid 90's and if he gain consistency as the scout reports say he could become a useful starter

Beer-a-Thon said...

Phillies are paying $4.5M of Papelbon's remaining 2015 salary. So the Nationals get one of the best closers in baseball for the remainder of this year and all next for $11.4M and all they had to do was give up a "prospect".

And, yes, I keep quoting the word prospect, but that's all they are. They have the prospect of being good, okay, or crap.

ripjgarcia said...

is there a Ruben presser to be found yet lol

Bob D said...

Ruben traded away the teams all time leader in saves and crotch grabs

ripjgarcia said...

which is slightly better than Cole's k:bb ratio

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