Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Papelbon Loves Philly

Jonathan Papelbon wants to remain with the Philadelphia Phillies for life, here's proof.
Seriously, he's an elite closer, one of the best ever, but he's also an asshole that runs his mouth far too often. I'm 100% positive the Phillies have been trying to trade Papelbon since the offseason, but haven't found the right deal yet. As soon as the proper offer comes along his ass will be shippd outta town. Until then, he should STFU!


Anthony said...

Looks like a good picture for WSBGMs hall of fame.

ripjgarcia said...

shit man.. if your gonna grab it .. have something to grab.*

*thoughts are not those of the Small Penis Club

Bob D said...

They make lotions to help with that itch

GM-Carson said...

He is very good at his job, he's just a douchebag too and people get tired of that shtick.

GM-Carson said...

Analysts saying the Phillies asking price for Hamels is too high need to shut the fuck up. Why would they not expect a premium package in return for a perennial top pitcher that is controlled for years to come? No way you trade him for a couple marginal prospects while also eating some of his contract. Look at the packages teams get for 2 month rent a players. Hamels is best longterm option pigs trade market, fact.

Robert Dalton said...

I see it as trade Hamels only for top package and top package only. Because within a year or 2 the team will likely be looking for an ace. Either it will be Hamels or a more expensive free agent. Even if Nola Elfin or Pinto become aces I can forsee them with such a need. Only worth it if the team can acquire a star or future star player

GM-Carson said...

If I were GM, and dammit I should be, I would go sign Michael Bowden to a contract. He just opted putt of his minor league deal with Baltimore. Okay in parts of seasons in Majors, very good in minors, especially AAA. Former top prospect. Could start or relieve.

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