Friday, May 01, 2015

Quick Series Preview- Phils & Fish

Philadelphia Phillies (8-15) @ Miami Marlins (10-12)
Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:10 - Jerome Williams vs. Tom Koehler
Saturday, 4:10 - Cole Hamels vs. Dan Haren
Sunday, 1:10 - Sean O'Sullivan vs. Jarred Cosart

Offense Outlook:
R - Phillies 63 (30th) vs. Marlins 97 (12th tied)
AVG - Phillies .223 (29th) vs. Marlins .264 (8th)
OPS - Phillies .609 (30th) vs. Marlins .690 (17th)
HR - Phillies 13 (26th tied) vs. Marlins 13 (26th tied)
SB - Phillies 10 (19th tied) vs. Marlins 13 (9th tied)

Pitching Parameters:
ERA - Phillies 4.28 (21st) vs. Marlins 4.01 (17th)
WHIP - Phillies 1.49 (29th) vs. Marlins 1.21 (11th)
K - Phillies 162 (16th tied) vs. Marlins 141 (27th)
Run Differential - Phillies (-46) vs. Marlins (+10)

Turd is the Word:
The Phillies bullpen atrocities are alarming.  With the exception of Papelbon, the rest of the Phils relievers rank near the bottom in terms of WHIP in all of baseball.

WHIP Rank Out of 172 Relievers:
Jake Diekman - 2.38 (170th)
Luis Garcia - 1.76 (158th)
Dustin McGowan - 1.71 (155th)
Justin DeFratus - 1.66 (152nd)
Ken Giles - 1.61 (146th)
Jeanmar Gomez - (138th)

Relief (definition) - alleviation, ease, or deliverance through the removal of pain, distress, oppression, etc. Help or assistance, as to the poor, needy, or distressed.



Christopher Usewicz said...

The Phils are just bad. The bullpen had come out of spring training with anything but good stuff. What happened to Diekman? No matter what he throws it ends up in the middle of the plate. His whip is just as bad as the rest of the middle relievers and for a lefty specialist, he usually walks them and goes on to give up a hit to the next batter. We walk way too much. The WHIP is disgustingly high. Our starters, aside from Cole, barely touch 90mph and their stuff isn't good enough to win with their slow stuff. It's hard to watch.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Phillies bullpen, 3 more innings tonight, 8 more baserunners. They suck.

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