Monday, May 04, 2015

Quick Series Preview- Phils & Braves

Philadelphia Phillies (9-17) @ Atlanta Braves (12-13)
Pitching Matchups:
Monday - Aaron Harang vs. Alex Wood
Tuesday - Chad Billingsley vs. Shelby Miller
Wednesday - Jerome Williams vs. Mike Foltynewicz
*All Games at 7:10

Offense Outlook:
R - Phillies 72 (29th) vs. Braves 107 (12th)
AVG - Phillies .221 (29th) vs. Braves .249 (15th)
OPS - Phillies .600 (30th) vs. Braves .705 (15th)
HR - Phillies 14 (28th tied) vs. Braves 21 (14th tied)
SB - Phillies 12 (18th tied) vs. Braves 11 (21st tied)

Pitching Parameters:
ERA - Phillies 4.28 (22nd) vs. Braves 4.21 (20th)
WHIP - Phillies 1.51 (30th) vs. Braves 1.35 (21st)
K - Phillies 183 (17th tied) vs. Braves 172 (19th)
Run Differential - Phillies (-50) vs. Braves (-7)

What To Imbibe On:
Evil Genius- Turtle Power. Grapefruit...kapow!!! Seriously, light body, hopped up, big grapefruit action. Easy drinking and juicy. A nice twist on the overplayed pale ale.  Evil Genius, hailing from West Grove Pennsylvania, describes it as Grapefruit Pale Ale brewed with pale and crystal malts. Hopped with Warrior and tons of Citra.  In other words, yum.


Anthony said...

Eat a dick, Boston. Did you have a good weekend? Maybe it will be better if we trade Hamels to the Yankees.

Bob D said...

I'm waiting for Elvis to play

Beer-a-Thon said...

Hey, I'm cool with trading Hamels if it means a return that is close to being guaranteed as possible of actually helping with the rebuild. Low level prospects won't cut it. Need MLB ready talent.

Bob D said...

Bring back Adam Eaton!

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