Tuesday, May 05, 2015

PSA- Time to Release McGowan

Walks have plagued the Phillies pitching staff all season long.  Dustin McGowan is the ringmaster of the circus, having issued 16 bases on balls in a mere 14 innings.  Averaging over a walk per inning is a difficult thing to do and keep your spot on the active roster.  Thus, McGowan needs to be released from his contract.  Let go.  Waived.  Given the ol' heave ho.  Thrown out on his arse.  Fired.  Made unemployed.  You get the hint.  

Overall, McGowan has a 2.14 WHIP, having allowed 30 base runners in 14 innings.  He must go.


Bob D said...

That makes Adam Eaton look like a good pitcher

GM-Carson said...

I almost put "Adam Eaton laughs at him." At the end.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Positives for the Phillies this season...
*Odubel Herrera
*Freddy Galvis
*Aaron Harang

Anthony said...

More positives:
Easy to get tickets
9 patty hamburgers
Good draft pick
Good pitchers in the minors

Robert Dalton said...

Howard now hitting over the Mendoza line.

Utley and Rupp only hitters hitting less than 200.

As long as Galvis keeps hitting he should be the #2 hitter.

Utley after a couple of days off should get another shot.

Papelbon is the only reliever who is doing good. Don't be fooled by Giles ERA, he has allowed 6 unearned runs and too many walks. Giles and Garcia have at least been average with DeFratus doing better lately.

GM-Carson said...

Giles and DeFratus will settle in, but it was a rough April for them. Diekman looks lost to me, something isn't right.

Here's to hoping Howard gies on a tear and Amaro trades him at first opportunity.

Bob D said...

Howard has actually looked fairly good over last 2 weeks.