Sunday, May 03, 2015

Pittsburgh Pirates Look To Ride A Solid April To The Postseason

When you look at the Pittsburgh Pirates, they are going to finish the month of April above .500. No, they are not going to be in the driver’s seat as far as the National League Central is concerned. In fact, they are not even technically a playoff team right now. However, they are right where they need to be to try to make their 3rd consecutive trip to the postseason. They have a long 5 months ahead of them, but they have to feel confident with the way they’re playing.

The 2015 season started off slowly for Pittsburgh, as they were below .500 and not really getting a lot of help from their star player in daily fantasy baseball. Andrew McCutchen is still struggling to live up to expectations right now, but others are picking him up. Neil Walker, Gregory Polanco and Starling Marte have probably been the most consistent so far this year at the plate, but they would not be anywhere near the playoff race if not for the hot starts of a trio on the mound.

Throughout the history of Pittsburgh, pitching has always been a bit of an issue. This year, Gerrit Cole, AJ Burnett and Francisco Liriano are looking to change the narrative. Burnett and Liriano are veteran pitchers going out there and providing great value. They have a combined ERA around 2.00, and his people in daily fantasy sports like the fact that they are picking up strikeouts as well. However, the most impressive starting pitcher so far has been Cole. Not only does he have the lowest team ERA at 1.76, but he is 4-0 while striking out 10.27 batters per nine innings. He looks like he is developing into that true ace they have been looking for.

St. Louis is always going to be a huge challenger in the National League Central. Right now, it looks like the Chicago Cubs will be in the mix as well. All they can continue to do is win games and stay close enough to make a push for October. Through one month, things are looking pretty solid after a somewhat slow start.


Robert Dalton said...

If Hamels is traded I hope it's to Pittsburgh. They have the prospects and Hamels would make that rotation better.

I like the Cubs 2 new prospects Bryant and Russel. They have a bright future ahead.

Someone please unseat the Cardinals they are the Yankees of the NL

GM-Carson said...

I'm so tired of the Cards. Ever since Rolen went there I decided they deserve hatred.

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